Growing Up Gotti !!

  1. Did anyone else watch this show ? we did, i thought Luigi was hysterical.

  2. I used to, but it comes on at about 3am here. Is it renewed for another season? The gay assistant and Luigi made the show.
  3. Luigi is HILARIOUS!
    But I CANNOT stand the way Victoria parents her kids, the way they behave or the way she acts . . .
    I swear I get nauseous watching it. . . . but I digress. . . I watch it when it's one because I'm fascinated!
  4. I like the show! I had mixed feelings about Victoria until I saw an interview with her on Donnie Deutsch's show. Very down to earth, very intelligent and very articulate. My kinda gal! I really like her personality. She's honest and does not make excuses for her family. Sure her kids are spoiled and often disrespectful but they are also very smart kids who she says do very, very well in school. I'm sure much of what we see is for the cameras.
  5. there was only one season, right? what caught my attention was the LV bags that Victoria would carry around. actually, though Victoria may not be a perfect mum but she is still there for her boys, and I think that she is a single parent too, it is not easy. Even though her boys are bratty, you can see that they love her very much.
  6. i watch this show every now and then and i dunno.. i find the 3 boys rather annoying and overall, the show seems like a cheap reality show that was made just because the family has money.
  7. I agree. The three kids act so rude sometimes.Like the one eposide when the middle child ( i forget his name ) didn't have any hairgel left and he was down to the last drop.He went insane and started shouting :censor: words.And Victoria just pretended like it was nothing.
  8. all 3 boys are gorgeous! mmm i love their rough and tough exterior i think they're all teddy bears deep down inside. just playing for the camerias i think :smile:
  9. On the smoking gun's website, they have video footages (surveillence) of Victoria and her father while he was in jail. He was blasting her for being in the media. He was also blasting her for not being a better daughter because she was not sending him updated pictures of his grand kids. She tried asking him for advice because people were "judging" her kids at their school, and he kept blasting her. Finally, she started to cry and walked away. That was typical of her jail visits with him. He did not seem quite happy with her and he always berated her and she would take it and cry. Watch it if you have the time. Fascinating. She tries to be so tough on her show and she is so weak in the presence of her dad. John John was in one of the videos. He was so young and so cute and had a little suit on.
  10. yeah, i agree that the 3 boys are cute!
  11. I saw that,:yes: It was really fascinating and sad at the same time.
  12. I watched it a few times but I was sad to see how her son's treated her. So, I couldn't watch it any more.
  13. I've watched it a few times. I think it's hilarious! My favorite episode is the one where one of the boys buys a fake chinchilla coat.
  14. I watched it. I thought Luigi was funny too but sometimes he kind of irritated me. I never understood why it seemed like the boys couldn't talk without SCREAMING.