Growing Stella Collection?

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  1. so, I already own a black LE stella... but last night I bought another stella in the washed rose color (I think it's called washed rose)

    I know some of you other girls have more than one stella, just curious what colors you have...

    or if you think i'm insane to buy another stella?

    I just saw the color and thought it was different than anything I have as of now....
  2. I definitely don't think you're insane at all! I've always regretted not buying a Stella in black (I have one in Wine red).

    They are really functional bags and I find myself constantly reaching for it.
  3. Yes, totally. I'm always grabbing for my black stella cause it keeps me organized with all the pockets, etc.
  4. You are not crazy for buying another Stella. The colors and hardware are totally different. They don't have the same style names as well: Stella and New Stella. =)

    Washed Rose is a Soft Calf color from Fall 2004 (along with Black, Indigo, Maroon, Sap Green, Bark, Thistle).
  5. i'm actually carrying my berry stella today! :smile: Washed Rose is one of my favorite colors, i think Fall 2004 has the best colors! i love almost all the colors from Fall 04 collection.

    Almost bought myself the black LE stella too, perhaps someday....if i can still find it ;)
  6. Helena, you're like an untapped MJ resource of knowledge. I love how you know practically everything.:heart::heart::heart:
  7. Washed rose is an amazing color! Love it!
  8. I'm still learning.

  9. You should pick yourself up a LE, Zoink... it's a totally diff. look than the regular pushlock version... I love mine...
  10. I like that Indigo one posted.

    No, I don't think it's crazy to have more than one stella. I have it in pewter (gray) and berry.
  11. OMG!!! You're so bad!!:smash: It'll be all your fault if i can sleep tonight, thinking abt all the gorgeous fall colors. I totally lust after Indigo and Sap Green :love: But...i still love my Berry.

    i was tempted to get the Butterscotch LE Stella, but then i already have a yellow blake, so i passed. If he comes up with a purple LE one, i'd totally have a bagasm.:nuts:
  12. omg... that indigo.... I think my next stella would have to be one of the gray colors... I missed out on one recently... I'll keep my eyes peeled..

    thanks for the photos, bag.lover :smile:
  13. I would die for an Indigo Stella!
    I bought a black Stella right after I started visiting tpf, and I use it all the time.
    It is definitely one of MJ's best bags IMO and I wish he still made them!
  14. I'm a Marc Jacobs Multiple-Colour Repeat Offender. I won't tell you how many Sophia's I have... I say buy what you want!