Growing processed hair???

  1. There is no way I will give up highlighting my natural dark hair...and I also have to heat stlye at least twice a week...but I still want long hair...any suggestions???
  2. I am he same...and was wondering the same thing as you! My hair is highlighted (blonde) and come down past my armpit...want to grow it longer...hopefully it will cooperate!(sp?)
  3. Miss Chaslyn,
    Use professional products, start to finish. It will help save the integrity of your hair. Then make sure that you use a thermal styling product when heat styling your hair. It will help protect your hair from the heat of the irons. I recommend Thermal Defense from L'anza. I like it best because it does not flake, it does not build up on the irons and it's not too wet. It's just right! Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for daily use and a protein reconstructor once a week. Try to sleep with your hair pulled loosely back or on top of your head and use a satin pillowcase (This will help avoid the friction that is caused by a cotton pillow case. This friction can cause damage and split ends.) Don't pull your hair while it's wet as this can cause breakage, too. Be gentle with it. You can even keep a wide toothed comb in the shower to comb your hair out while the conditioner is in it. Just be patient and take good care....there is no reason that you can't have your long hair and your highlights! Good luck!
  4. are you getting regular trims?
    If you trim the ends as opposed to allowing them to break off, it will seem like your hair grows faster:yes:
    Make SURE you're using PRO products and using a very nurturing conditioner everytime and a leave in protector to keep the heat from damaging.
  5. okay...I use fredrick fekai shampoo and conditioner...chi leave in protein syrum...ojon mask treatment on my dry hair...and a trim every 2 mos...I noticed everytime I trim...I'm back to the same length...I also use the T3 blowdryer...solano ceramin flat iron...always comb my hair wet...but it just stays the same length...when it looks good...but I still have to trim my dead ends and then I'm back to the same length for about 3 years now...a lil past my shoulders...I just wanna grow it up to my nipples...ugh!!!
  6. how's your diet?
    Are you drinking OODLES of water and making sure you take a daily vitamin?
    My hair grows SOOO fast is silly. . . I started noticing it when I started taking prenatals w/ my pregnancies. . . it hasn't seemed to have slowed down since.
  7. yes...tons of water...and half a multi vitamin...maybe I need to take a whole!!!
  8. i wonder if you can take prenatals or something similair if you aren't pregnat?