growing out bangs

  1. alright, i have normal bangs, not side bangs...and im trying to grow them out. they arent long enough to really wear to the side, and they look kind of stupid when i try...but they hang in my eyes.

    what do i do about this?!
  2. I used to have bangs a long time ago and they were a headache to grow out, once they reach a stage where they're a bit long you can pin them up, even if they're still too short to split and put aside.

    Hope others have some ideas. Oh, hairbands help too.
  3. I'm going thru the same thing right now. Luckily they're long enough to pin back so you can try that! Just make sure there's no ends sticking up or you'll look like Alfalfa (or me, the day I didn't check).
  4. i cant really pin them back because they were kind of jagged bangs so some pieces are shorter and not long enough...

    thanks for the tips though, i'll just have to wait it out for a bit.
  5. How about a head scarf?
  6. i have the same problem.
    the good thing is that headbands are really IN this summer, so i mostly wear a thin satin band and put the rest of my hair in a ponytail.
    Combined with a nice lipgloss and nice earrings looks really cool!
  7. :tup: They look cute too!
  8. Head band or head scarf!

    The last time a grew out bangs I vowed never again... for just this reason!!!
  9. headbands would work.
    you could also pin them back in the center and use pomade to make the bits that stick out stay put. or you could back comb them and hairspray them to make them stand up - sorry about the last idea it's not really clear and i'm not sure how to explain it..
  10. Can you get your hairdresser to trim them in a way that'll blend nicely while you try to grow them out?
  11. Wear a headband.
  12. the bangs dont really stay in the headband either...i think im going to go to my hairdresser and see what she can do to help.

    thanks for all of your suggestions!