Growing Collection

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  1. Monogram Porte Tresor International

    Multicolor Address book *Carnet de Bal* i believe its called on Elux

    Monogram Passport Organizer

    Monogram Piano and Speedy 25

    Multicolor Agenda, and Speedy 30

    Denim Noe Speedy

    Black Multicolor Alma
    IMG_1506.jpg IMG_1598.jpg IMG_4147.jpg IMG_4389.jpg IMG_4393 (1).jpg IMG_4421.jpg
  2. Very nice collection!
  3. Thank you :smile:
  4. You have a very pretty collection!
  5. My mom & my sister LIVE for Louis!!! Great Collection!
  6. nice collection!
  7. LOVE your collection!!!:love:
  8. Great collection!
  9. thank you ladies, I have more to post i just have to locate those pic's.. I formatted the pc not long ago and everything is not in its right place:sad:

    I'm hoping to add a few more pieces soon :smile:
  10. very nice bags!!
  11. Nice collection! I love LV!
  12. nice collection...
    love ur taste in lv...
    thanx for sharing :smile:
  13. pretty, pretty bags!

    love the angel painting in the background, too! :love:
  14. Thank for you the kind words ladies.
  15. great collection! hope to see the new editions!
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