Grow to love it OR sell it?

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  1. I received my gold Majorelle from the Cabazon outlet today and all of a sudden, the bag doesn't feel like me. I kind of like it....but then I kind of don't. I definitely jumped too fast on this one, primarily because they were running the extra 20% off sale. I ended up paying $729.20. So, I thought I would come to the forum for advice. Should I just hold on to it and see if I ever grow to love it? Or should I try and sell it on feebay? I haven't sold on there (only bought) so I'm weary of the hassle involved with selling. Plus, I don't want to take more than a $100 loss. What to do, what to do? Any advice is appreciated.:tup:
  2. I don't know, maybe keep it for a few days and see if you'll get to like it? If not then you can try selling it; with the market like that out there there's no guarantee that it will really sell at a price that you want it to though...I bought a bag a few days ago, then I wasn't sure about it when I brought it home, so I sat on it for a few days and finally decided returning it (thank God I could). Keep thinking about it and you'll come to a decision! Good luck!
  3. Think about it and if you sell you might not loss $ but break even
  4. I have bought several things from the outlet. One time I got a bag that I was not crazy about(it was not 20% off) and they let me exchange it. They actually just gave me a store credit to use anytime. It might be worth a try if they have another item you like. I would probably ask to speak to the manager.
  5. If you don't love it see if they can give you an exchange or store credit!
  6. I would give it another day and maybe try it with different outfits from your wardrobe, but if you're still not comfortable with it after that then I agree with the others that I'd at least ask about an exchange or store credit. I had the same reaction to a black patent Majorelle I purchased a while ago and returned, even though it looks great on many members here, so it's just a case of not every bag being the right fit for every person.
  7. Thanks for all the replies! :smile: I'm going to follow the advice of giving it a few days, trying it with different outfits, and see if my feelings change. If not, I will talk to the manager and try to get a store credit. Thanks again!