Group Work, Opinions? and Rant

  1. I just got to thinking, being in a situation myself, about how sometimes group work can be a great tool and other times a total PITA. Anyone agree? Experiences?

    I'm taking a summer master's course and my group has given me a total headache. A big part of the difficulties comes from some individuals being employed and others not. I couldn't make a meeting (after being given 6 hours notice) due to scheduling issues. I come to find out afterwards that people were upset, even though I clearly stated to call me or email me and I'll do what I can to help--and? No one called or emailed me. I'm sorry, but I have a job, and I can't just decide that I don't want to work and I have other meetings/requirements along with my job. What got me is that one individual said that "We're all busy but we make the time"...I was about ready to bust out my ninja moves. Sorry, but someone painting their nails or deciding which movie to see really can't be compared to job obligations. Anyhow, I continually offer to do things on my own and keep getting this "I think we should all look at it as a group" responses. And then what happens? Very limited communication. Fine, then don't complain to me I didn't offer my explicit help!! I'm not looking forward to group evals as I'm sure my members may not be thrilled, all because I missed one meeting.

    I guess I'm mostly irritated by the fact that not everything has to be done face to face. These individuals are not as savvy when it comes to communicating and are overall making things hard when it could be made a lot more simplified and divying up the responsibilities.

    Ok, rant done...*breathing heavily*. Please tell me I'm not the only one that gets frustrated by something like this.
  2. Group projects are a TERRIBLE idea for college. People's schedules are too different, and everyone has way too much to do in their regular schedules for the groups to work well. There are always those certain people that just do not do their part or make it to the meetings. I loathe them. I was in a group this past semester with three freshman; I'm a senior. None of them took it serious!! They wouldn't meet up, they wouldn't take part, they had no interest in the project whatsoever. They wanted to do it last minute, said it wasn't a big deal. I actually needed a good grade in this basic Bio class (English major), so I took over the whole project, did every bit of the work myself, and signed their names to it along with mine. I've done that twice already, doing the project completely alone in the past because of group members that wouldn't show up to meetings or make any effort. Maybe that makes me a b**** for being controlling, or an idiot for giving them a free A, but at least it got done!!

    So I understand your frustration completely, lol
  3. Oh, I seriously DO understand!! I think I've posted about it here previously so I won't go into the long and boring details, but I HATE group work and I'm so glad this semester is over.
  4. OH, I always hated group projects. So much wasted time, hard to decide on anything...hang in there.