Group shopping- Yay or nay?


Sep 26, 2007
When I was complaining one day about never getting PCE, the SA told me that "we encourage group shopping and if you know another girl who has one come along with her and you will get the discount".

So I finally got my first PCE card Monday afternoon. I immediately told people and found a friend who wanted to come. Then Monday night I get a random call, from a random Coach rep (not my store or state) saying that they were calling on behalf of my normal store to tell me about PCE sale.

I decided to double check about the group shopping and the woman told me the card was for me only and if I brought people, I would have to buy their stuff. So I asked "I would have to pay cash or use a credit card with my name on it to get them an item? They can't just stand next to me with their own credit card?" And she told me correct, the sale was only for me. And I tried to argue and repeated what my own SA told me and she said well call the manager at the store you wanna shop at.

What has been your experiences? Do you bring friends? Do they pay with their own credit or debit cards?


Apr 11, 2007
At my store during the November Event, we were strict with this policy but during regular PCE's your friends can use it and pay there own. With most things I really think it depends on the SA and the store. If your SA said you can bring your friends, by all means, bring your friends! I know for a fact last PCE I had a card and let my friend use it and she payed herself. So Idk.


Daily Coach Fixation
May 11, 2007
AZ - the Desert State
My SA said if we were sharing ONE PCE card, the combined purchases had to be on ONE payment (whether it'd be my credit card or my friend's, etc) and that my friend and I would have to work out paying each other afterwards. Maybe each boutique/SA is different?


Sep 18, 2007
The PCE is a little different this time around. It can be used more than one time during the Dec. period of usage.