Group says 'fake' fur on coat at Macy*s is real

I had no idea that that was real fur on those souvenirs!! I wonder why they sell them for so cheap if it's real fur.

And rabbit fur might be cat fur???:wtf: :crybaby:
Not in general, but just on the sleeping cats.

And this news item was from a long time ago. Even now, I've been a little iffy looking at them.

I think the problem lots of groups are having with those souvenirs is that they're using real fur. It does say Made In China and Rabbit Fur on the bottom.

Their problem is the possibility of it really being cat fur.
As the original poster, I don't want this to turn into an argument about fur. (We've had plenty of those!)

The issue is that the company deceived customers. They bought that jacket under the impression that it was made with fake fur. Not only was it real, but it was dog fur.

If a customer wants real fur, they should get real fur. (But not cat or dog.)

And if they want fake fur, they should get fake fur.
That was probably my fault, I've not been on here very long so haven't seen any of the previous fur/anti fur discussions.

I remember once when we a lot younger my sister bought a jacket from a vintage market. The stallholder assured her it was fake, but our mum spotted immediately it was real rabbit fur when we brought it home. My sister was upset by this as she had a pet rabbit at the time!
omg -- I can't even imagine how I would feel if I brought home a faux furry coat and it turned out that it could possibly be made from a bunny, or any animal...let alone a cat or dog:crybaby:
haha interesting how some people shudder at the thought of wearing fur, yet carry around LEATHER handbags! what do you think leather is made out of :smile:
Leather is a by-product of the meat industry. If interested, please do a search. That's all I am going to say considering there have been endless discussions on this.:back2topic: