Group Photo from the last Beverly Hills TPF Meet

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  1. Here we all are (there are a few missing). If I do say so myself we are one AMAZING looking group!!!
  2. Um....Where is the other picture. LOL, great group shot! Love it!
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    I have been so busy, so I have not had a chance to report about the last meet.

    We met at Cheesecake Factory in BH. We had a really nice lunch. There was 14 of us (plus of course Sammy and Bella. They are the TPF meet mascots)

    After lunch we hit all the stores on Rodeo Drive. How can it get any better than that. :yahoo:First we went to Chanel. We molested all the beautiful bags and jewelry. No one bought anything there. Then it was off to Hermes. One person got her BF a tie and another TPF'er got a scarf. Then over to LV. I got Bella an LV collar. (I will post photo's later) One other member bought a pochette. Then it was off to YSL. A few people tried on shoes but no one bought anything. Then over to Fendi. Someone bought a bag there. They were having a 50% off sale. At that time people started to leave. A few of us walked over to the pet store. Spent some time looking at all the adorable dog clothes. Then 3 of use drove over to the AMAZING LV resale shop on Robertson. By that time it was almost 6PM. Since Sweetneet came from TX just for the meet. Her and her DH stayed with me and my DH. So then we went over to The Grove for dinner and some shopping. Then the 4 of us went to Vegas the next morning.Where of course it was more shopping. It was a crazy fun weekend. I can't wait to do it again. We have another meet coming up in a few weeks but unfortunately Sweetneet can't make this one.

    I hope I am not leaving any details out.

  4. Actually there was no group (person) photo taken. Most people did not want their photo posted. Sorry
  5. I was playing with you, I understand!:heart:
  6. I love the group picture being a shot of the bags and not the girls!! LoL! Very cute, I hope you all had fun!

  7. ;):graucho::P
  8. What an amazing afternoon! It was so refreshing to spend time with like-minded purse addicts and genuinely nice people ... looking forward to another one!
  9. wow thanks Betsy for posting the pic and for the great summary of the was indeed a blast and i had loads of fun...can't wait to come back again!! :yes:
  10. Everyone is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!
  11. That metallic turquoise Chanel :love:
  12. I have to 100% agree with you
  13. GREAT photo!
  14. love the photo
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    Wow beautiful bags everybody!!! :drool: