Group Bespoke - Hold Me in glossy black leather with RED lining

  1. Hello Everyone,

    My second thread on TPF is to ask if anyone else is interested in a full-size Hold Me in glossy black leather with a RED lining. I have lusted after this Louboutin-esque combination FOREVER and have only recently discovered the Bespoke option on the website. I'm in seventh heaven ... anyone care to join me?

    Xine :smile:

    (I apologise if there is already a group bespoke for this, I did a quick forum search and couldn't find one .. )
  2. I think this would be a great bag! I'm waiting for my maxi in Orange. Good luck!
  3. Ooh, maxi in orange sounds gorgeous!
    I've just created a BE Couture group order for the black Hold Me - but I decided on pebbled black leather in the end. Now fingers crossed that 7 other people want it :smile:

    Also created a BEC for a pebbled black Clutch Me with red lining! Then I had to ban myself from the website before I ordered the world, seriously thinking it would be easier for my boss to pay my salary directly to BE ;)
  4. Have you thought about Black Crash for the hold me? I think that would look great. A little bit of shine, but still super durable.

    Good luck getting some momentum. I missed the boat on the Orange, so I had to do BEC.
  5. I did think about the Crash leather, but I have a BEC Hold Me in Chocolate Crash with pink lining on order so thought I'd try a different leather this time round.

    The orange Hold Mes are GORGEOUS, I've been looking at all the pictures of the group bespoke order and I WANT!!
  6. Well, if you really do want on, there is one on Bonanzle that is a steal! I think it's $260.