Group Bespoke for MMS Mini, Navy Glossy, Light Blue lining?

  1. You know what you guys, I am sorry, I should not have posted, the good news is that my posting helped me become more definitive because I have been thinking about it non-stop. I am not as vacillating as before because I now know that if this was for a Charm Me Midi in Midnight Blue with the light blue lining I would be in for sure, which tells me I should not be thinking about the MMS Mini, if that makes sense.

    Again I am sorry, I should have brainstormed by myself and not "out loud". Please ignore me.
  2. You are FINE!!! I love having the discussions...I actually would be open to this in the Charm Me mini.....I do not have that style and have it on the hit list! LOL!
  3. No, no no! :pout: I don't WANT to ignore you! I like it when you think "out loud." :biggrin: (I like it when other Belenistas do too, in fact, I'm happy to read more of it!) I think it can be helpful for all of us, since we then think along with you, and in the process may realize more of what we *really* think! So you do us all a service... :smile:
  4. Hi odebdo - - - oh good, thank you, you are beyond kind for indulging my brainstorming, hope finzup feels the same way...

    I will keep watching this thread, I do so hope your MMS Mini takes off, but just in case, you know where to find me.

    remy ~ you always make me smile:balloon: