Group Bespoke for MMS Mini, Navy Glossy, Light Blue lining?

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    Anyone interested in a group bespoke for an MMS Mini in midnight blue glossy with light blue lining ( I believe we can no longer choose individual lining colors for bespokes).. We can still choose hardware though (gold, silver, brass).

    The price would be 10% off of the BEC price (if we get 8 people) and we would get free shipping.

    If there are enough interested I'll add it to the BEC group bespoke page! Once we have 8 people, we just pay a $180 deposit and the balance is due when the bag is ready to be shipped to you.

    1 - finzup
  2. Here's the info on the MMS Mini from the BE site:

    A lightweight, stylish, easy-to-wear bag, the Make Me Smile is a bag you will wear stylishly for years to come.

    Tip: This bag comes with a messenger strap and can be worn messenger-style but it works best if you unbuckle the sides. The mini version is the perfect messenger bag!

    Large Interior Zip Pocket
    Mobile/PDA pockets
    Key Strap
    Lining Pocket with Magnet Closure
    H 22.9 cm/9 inches
    W 26.7 cm/10.5 inches
    D 7.6 cm/3 inches
    Messenger Strap Length 99 cm/39 inches
    Crystals on tags
    Cubed Tassels
  3. OK I'm so excited for this bag I went ahead and created the group bespoke. I also read in the group bespoke rules on the BE site that we CAN choose our own lining and hardware.

    The group name is called 'finzup' and it's (currently) the bottom one on the page
  4. Oh, finz, midnight blue is so lovely! I hope you get enough gals so I can live vicariously through you all!
  5. This bag will look beautiful!
  6. This is soooo tempting. I really want a blue bag and I love this color and I really like the idea of the mini. I don't even have my first BE yet (but two are on the way) so I at least need to see how I like the first two. I hope there is more interest.
  7. freddieM would love to have you on this bespoke.. :graucho:
  8. This is soooo tempting. I really want a blue bag and I love this color and I really like the idea of the mini. I don't even have my first BE yet (but two are on the way) so I at least need to see how I like the first two. I hope there is more interest.
  9. I hope you get the required number, KatieFin. I have an MMS midi, but I feel it is too small for me, so I am working toward the regular size, maybe in petrol. But I will be watching this thread with interest!
  10. Moon, I will e-mail the BE folks to see if we can do any size (full, midi, mini) in this same bespoke-- in the past it was okay (some folks got mini's, some midi's, etc.) and it all counted because it was the same style.
    I'll keep you posted :tup:
  11. Update: In order to be a group bespoke and get the 10% off, we have to choose the same size (mini) and same lining (light blue).. we can have up to 2 different hardware choices.

    I am sad about not being able to choose the size, however the disappointing part is that the BE website clearly states in two places we can choose our own lining and hardware --
    So what do you think? Who wants a gorgeous MMS Mini in midnight blue with light blue lining??
  12. #12 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    My fingers are crossed for you all to get this Bespoke up!
    I will sit this one out as I just received my MMS mini in Petrol Pebbled leather with light blue lining.

    Does this picture help to get a sense of what a dark blue MMS mini with light blue lining will look like?
  13. thanks bluefish.. I'm now considering changing the bespoke to petrol pebbled.. I love yours so much!
  14. Bluefish can you post a modeling picture please? I want to see how big it actually is. THANKS!
  15. #15 Mar 12, 2010
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2010

    Here is my MMS mini in green crash and on page 4 I have modeling pictures that may help!

    Katie...I will be watching this bespoke...I love my MMS mini and would be game to get another...and I adore blue! Navy glossy or petrol pebbled sound devine!

    Also...I have a very hectic schedule right now (tax season) so please pm me if we get to a point you need my input and I have not responded to the thread!