Ground Shipping from Bal NY - Do you have to sign?

  1. When you have something shipped from Bal NY do you have to sign in person for the package? I am at work all day and am hoping not . . .
  2. Yes, they require a signature in person.
  3. Oi Vey!! Thanks!
  4. From experience, Yes!
  5. does anyone know if they send something smaller like a mirror or tassels if they still use fedex/make you sign?? I'm never around during the right hours because of work and it's impossible to get there in time to pick it up.
  6. I'm waiting for something from Bal NY now. It's a little inconvenient because they won't ship to an address other than your CC billing address. However, after the first failed UPS attempt, you can call UPS and have them re-route the package to a different address. This usually results in an additional day delay though.
  7. Though, oddly, I swear that my bag from them was left with no signature a couple months back. They made an attempt while I was on vacation, got a notice for that. Then I came home from my trip, and the bag was there. My friend who was checking the house said she'd brought it in from outside, but wasn't actually there when it was delivered and didn't sign for it. I still have no idea what happened. Maybe the neighbor signed and then came and left it outside for my friend to bring in. :confused1: