Ground beef recipes, please?

  1. Ground beef is about the only meat I'm sure I can make without messing it up. Could you share some recipes for ground beef with me? Thank you!

    - Hungry IntlSet:yahoo:
  2. I posted a really different one in the no oven thread last night, it's a stovetop casserole.
  3. Tacooooos!! My fave. Just get some Old El Paso powder, shred yerself some cheddar, toast some taco shells, chop some tomats, chopped iceburg, a little creme sur, some avocado and YUM YUM YUM. Oh - don't forget the salsa.

    Gahd, I'm hungry.
  4. Sloppy Joes

    You need:

    About 1.5 pounds of ground beef

    A green pepper, diced

    An onion, diced

    A medium sized can of tomato sauce

    Hamburger buns

    In a skillet, cook the ground beef, diced green pepper, and diced onion together until meat is browned and veggies are soft. Drain off excess fat. Add the can of tomato sauce and about a half of can of water. Simmer until thickened. Serve on buns.
  5. Hamburger Casserole:

    1lb ground beef
    1 box frozen chopped broccoli (defrosted)
    1 can cream of celery soup
    1 bag of diced O'Brien potatoes (it has diced potatoes, peppers, and onion)
    grated cheddar cheese
    1 can french's fried onions

    1. put the potatoes in a layer in a casserole pan and bake in the oven til soft and slightly golden. (350 F)
    2. while the potatoes are baking, brown the ground beef in a skillet and then drain the fat.
    3. add the defrosted chopped broccoli to the pan with the beef and mix.
    4. then, add in the cream of celery soup and mix to combine with the beef and broccoli.
    5. After it is combined, add in some grated cheese (about 1/4 cup) and about 1/4 of the can of fried onions and combine.
    6. remove the potatoes from the oven and add the meat mixture on top of the potatoes. then cover, with some more grated cheese and french fried onions on top (you can add as much or as little as you want to the top).
    7. put the pan back in the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes.
    8. let it cool and then serve it!

    It tastes like a cheeseburger and fries!
  6. Chili or meatloaf?
  7. Thank you guys!! I appreciate you taking the time to type that all up. It all sounds delicious. Anyone have a good meatloaf recipe?
  8. Meatloaf? Well, not a real recipe per se b/c I just throw a bunch of whatever into it. ie: eggs, italian breadcrumbs or breadcubes, onions, dijon mustard, bbq sauce etc. Whatever you have in the fridge. You can do this w/ ground pork or veal too.... or a combo of any ground meats.

    BUT the BEST part is this: You wrap the sucker in bacon before you bake it. OMG... yum.:drool:
  9. I have a meatloaf recipe that is killer and easy--will get from my mom and post it soon