Grossest Foods EVER! Don't read if you've just had a meal/are about to have a meal...

  1. So I thought I'd start a new thread for us to share with each other what are some of the grossest foods they've heard of.

    Of course, the adjective of "gross" is all subjective...what is gross to one person may actually be considered a delicacy by another!! For example a friend of mine thinks raw fish and sushi is disgusting...personally for me it's probably one of the best foods EVER!!!

    So I'll start:

    ** some of the below are not for those with weak stomaches!!! Read with caution!! ***
    My dad used to travel a lot for business and he's probably seen some of the weirdest foods around are two:

    In the past in Vietnam, they used to FRY coconut worms. Now I don't know if they're called coconut worms, but this is the word for it in Chinese, and they do grow in coconut trees and apparently there's usually only one worm per tree. They are medium sized, white, fat and juicy. They would deep fry these worms...!!

    ** This one is really gross **
    Not sure if they do that any more, but again in another Asian country they take live monkeys and crack open their brains...and you would eat the brain RAW!!!

    In Korea this is considered a delicacy I little squids are put on your plate. You then use a chopstick, jab it up their body from underneath, twist to kill the squid and then dip it in some hot sauce and just eat the squid raw!! :wtf:

    Okay, would anyone else like to share? :p
  2. Sick!!! I'd share but I think I have to throw up now. LOL!
  3. I'll share! but this one is real sick, (to me) i was watching the learning/geographic channels. After i seen this i was sick to my stomach, but i did sit there and watch it so what does it say about me. geez
    anywayz.. theres this asian country..its suppose to be a delecacy but they wait till the chicken egg has develped an embryo after a certain amount of days..then they boil it and eat it! they sell them on the streets..the guy who ate it said it wasnt as bad as u think..i was like :throwup:
  4. ^it's called balut. It's a Filipino delicacy. And like any other 'weird' eats, it really isn't as bad as you think.

    Karman- I remember my dad telling me that he and some of his colleagues had monkey brains served to them in India... I really thought he was just kidding... I guess not :biggrin:

    And the squids, I think it was featured in the National Geographic channel.
  5. Dulot. It's goat intestines all chopped up into tiny pieces and eaten with injera.

    ... but if it's not cleaned and prepared well, you can get so SICK.
  6. Well, after those examples, this one may not be nearly as gross. I particularly don't consider it gross because I LOVE this! It's a mexican dish called menudo, which is basically a stew made of cow stomach and herbs. Delicious!! I only wish it wasn't such a hassle to make, otherwise I'd eat it everyday.
  7. I saw this on a travel show too. I think the one I saw was duck eggs though. They said it was actually pretty tasty but I had to look away every time they showed one. I don't even have a weak stomach but something about seeing those embryos in the white just really grossed me out.
  8. they do that in china! ITS SOOOO GROSS. theres like feathers on!
  9. in thailand, they sell friend insects. eg . cockroaches! my dad wanted me the try one! like EWWW
  10. Lots of strange things were featured when I saw the "ten grossest food experiences" or similar including ox balls from Spain and Poo + seal fat eaten by eskimos. :s
  11. Yeah pig balls are a delicasy here in Cyprus ...yuuuccckkkss! They are usually grilled to perfection hahahaha and eaten. Also they boil or oven bake the head of lamb and eat pretty much everything ie tongue, eyeballs and the meat around the cheeks.
    I've never tasted any of it!
  12. Oh! My chemistry teacher in grade 12 has a Filipino wife and he talked to us about the're supposed to drink the embryo juice too!! LOL!!!
  13. Was it Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern? I love this show!
  14. I saw a TV show where they'd take the anus out of the animal, squezed the poop out and grill it. So gross. This guy said mmm chewy!!1 ewwww. I hate see people eating snakes too. Its just weird.

    ps. Karman. Never heard of the mokey brain thing, that is so mean, seriously poor monkeys. Humans are mean sometimes.

    This asian (chinesse) guy I work with told me he'd eat dogs, he said "yellow dogs are the best ones" I dont know what he meant

    missmurtard. I like menudo too but I never eat the "panza" it just to gross, I know the flavor is still there and I rather pozole or Gallina Pinta. Us, Mexicans dont waste anything when it comes to cows, hahahaha.

    some mexicans grilled the intestines of the cow too. I heard of breaded and fried insects and cockroaches and armadillos, some tribes down in Yucatan I think, called Mayas. Correct me if I am wrong.
  15. wow, it's kind of fascinating to hear about what different cultures come up with! a lot of these things i've never heard of, like the bird embryo. but about the squid thing, i've actually always wanted to try that!! i like raw fish, so maybe i'll like raw squid too??