GROSS!! Worst fake bag ever! Please report b4 someone spends all their money!!

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  1. oh my... the dustbag looks like a crumbled paperbag
  2. oh Good Grief ! what in Gods name posessed someone to create this !
  3. That is horrific!!!!!! :wtf:
  4. I cant believe eBay let this auction go on for days!!! Its almost over and I bet you they wont take it down. GRRR I hate eBay sometimes!!
  5. I feel bad for whoever wins it. I'm sure they don't know it's fake. $300+ for a fake?! :wtf: I'd die if I spent that much on a fake LV.
  6. ^^^ Thanks I will. How terrible is this??? :throwup:
  7. Can you report it to Ebay?
  8. Oh, report to eBay? So rare eBay will pull put "really" fake items :blah: I affraid auction will close before they take act.

    YOu also could post it on LV shopping board :smile: there's "post fake here" sub forum there.
  9. O dear.
  10. there's a sticky thread specifically for these types of things:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.