Gross topic... about my cat...

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    We have recently adopted an 11 month old orange kitten... and my mom has a 2 year old calico. They have started to get along really well and have even begun to share a litter box. I am beginning to notice that our orange kitty's poop is HORRIFICALLY stinky... as well as being HUGE. So huge in fact, that it is larger than our 70 pound black lab!

    We feed her a grain free food and she has been on the same food for the few months that we've had her. We don't give her much wet food and we avoid giving her human food at all costs. Can anyone PLEASE help us figure out a way to make her poop smaller... or at least not so STINKY? I am willing to switch their food if we have to. The calico's poop is average size and barely has any odor at all.
  2. lol I'm sorry the fact that it is bigger than your 70 pound dog is pretty funny.

    My mom has two cats and they both have unbearable doodies, I think it may be genetic. They are on pretty strict diets, one is morbidly obese- genetically, they've tried everything. And the other is in great shape.

    One of my mom's cats, the fatty- has something else pretty nasty about her, when she is being scratched or petted and she is in pure bliss and purring her butt off, these awful smells come from her bum. Not flatulence but like some sort of liquid hormone or something, it's awful it stinks like crazy and sometimes leaks on your arm or whatever is around her. ewww!

    I would ask the vet if I were you, maybe your cat has IBS or needs some sort of expensive magic vet food that is overpriced but apparently very good for them.

    One of my mom's cats can evacuate their whole house (and it's a big house) when she goes poop, it's pretty wretched so I know your pain. They have to whip out the fabreeze and light matches for her LOL
  3. Kitties #2s are always stinky!!!
    Try changing her diet to an indoor feed. Worms and parasites can cause stinky poops too! Vet also suggested adding liquid chlorophyll (bottled or wheatgrass juice) to their diet to reduce odour and it worked.. so might be worth giving that a go??

    GL! :smile:
  4. I've had the same problem with my big cat but it seems to be a food issue. If I am feeding them grocery store food he can stink up the whole house but when he is on the better quality food (California Natural, etc.) then it is hardly noticeable.
  5. Has your Mum had the vet check her out? Sounds like it could be to do with her anal glands, in which case it may well be treatable...
  6. Apparently my parents can't smell it! Maybe she's just attracted to me lol.

    I don't know why my mom hasn't had the vet look at it, I think they just assume she's so fat that she can't clean herself properly.

    My dog and one of my Mom's dogs have the anal gland problems, and that is extremely disgusting- much worse than what happens to their cat.
  7. Bigger than the Lab's?? Wow. I think I would take kitty and a stool sample to the vet.
  8. Thanks for the advice!