Gross! Stretched Marks... What to do?!

  1. So I've gained a little weight since high school due to college, now professional life and I've been trying to keep up with my fitness level and still gaining a little weight... that I actually don't mind.. I do feel alot better about myself now than I was before even though I use to be smaller.. Always thought I wasn't good enough until I left college.

    Now I'm happy at the weight and fitness level i'm in but I found stretched marks last night looking at myself in the mirror.. Little white lines on my upper right thigh that make me feel like I've gained too much..! I want to get rid of it..

    But how?! They are so ugly!:yucky:
  2. What to do??
    Cry... :cry:

    I've had them forever and nothing seems to disapear them. They are less visible but they are STILL there and they'll always be.
  3. Sephora has several kinds of stretch mark creams, you may want to ask an SA for recommendations. When I was in college, I got them in the same area, but now they are gone. I used regular moisturizer there, and I am not sure if that did the trick, but they are no longer there anymore!
  4. I love Palmer's cocoa butter and I have heard miracle stories about stretch marks being significantly reduced or REMOVED by using this. :shrugs: IDK if it will work for you but it's worth a shot. very cheap too.
  5. I know in the black community Palmers cocoa butter is the only thing we use. my mom and aunts have been using it forever and it really does work. The other thing we do is buy vitamin E capsules and crack them open and rub the oil on the stretch marks. Waaaay cheaper than anyting in sephora.

  6. ooh does that work? I need to go an buy some RIGHT away. I have terrible darker stretch marks on my legs from weight gain. I am praying that they turn lighter over time.
  7. Most stretch mark treatments only work on marks that are fairly new (purple-pink) and not older ones that have turned white. Chances are if your stretch marks are white they've been there a while and you just never noticed them before. Basically what they are are scars (tears in the dermis which eventually heal over time but don't completely disappear).

    They're really very common and are not just restricted to people who experience sudden weight gain. Teenagers often get them from growth spurts, and bodybuilders get them too.

    Anyways, I'd recommend checking out this thread since it discusses stretch marks at length, and also some of the treatments available (which may or may not work). Making sure you use a body lotion all over is generally a good practice to get into since it should help prevent any future stretch marks. And it certainly won't hurt. :yes:
  8. ^^^^^
    totally agree with poster above. There is absolutely nothing you can do about them and most women have them. if they are white they are old stretch marks. believe me- having had twins I know all about stretch marks and even the most expensive creams don't work!!!!
  9. So glad I caught this thread! Just noticed my 10 year old dd has some on inner knee area. I thought once they were there there was nothing you could do about them but guess I was wrong. She is by no means heavy but is very tall for her age and still growing!
  10. I have them on my hips and thighs. Unfortunately, there isn't a damned thing you can do. I hate them!
  11. I LOVE vitamin E capsules. I had ACL surgery years ago and was told to put vitamin E on my scar. WORKED AMAZING. My scar is so much lighter than many I've seen. I think that's def work a shot!

  12. or vitamin E oils. found at CVS
  13. You can put moisturizer and certain things like cocoa butter on it but the white ones are permenately there ...the red ones i think you have a better chance at getting rid of them.... most people have stretch marks you just live with it, i have them.. o well
  14. ive heard there is a laser but im not sure of the name of it