Gross smells at the gym

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  1. I really need to get this off my chest, it is really frustrating and gross.

    There are certain people at my gym that constantly smell like week old B.O. and there are those people that farts the silent but deadly ones. Its really gross!!! I'm always on the treadmill when this happens...i'm running trying to breath and BAM! i smell this horribly bad smell coming from somewhere near me and i have to stop because its hard to run and hold ur breath. Sometimes i'm taking in a deep breath and i take it all in!!

    There have been times when plp will step on the treadmill and the two plp next to them (one of them being me) will get off the machine and move to another one or just get off completely if theres no more machines, and for watever reason that person really doesnt get it that no one wants to be next to them on the trteadmill. I really dont understand how these plp dont actually smell they think its someone else??? I'll admit sometimes i'll smell myself just to make sure its not me. I swear...wash ur gym clothes!

    And then those people that fart and it stinks up the entire area...and it doesnt go away for like 10 mins. Ok that is digusting...esp when it smells like rotten eggs and dried fish. And some people just keep going at digusting fart i understand - u ate something bad...u need to poo watever. But seriously when ure sitting on the machine for 45 mins and you fart every other two minutes you've got issues that cant be solved on the treadmill so go home and take some laxatives!!! And these people think people dont know its them...oh no I KNOW...i see you looking around to see if anyone smelled that sh*T. YES I DID!

    One more thing before i'm done: Old ladies walking around the locker room buck naked sitting on the benches, weighing themselves or bending over to blow dry thier hair on the hand dryer. SICK SH*T MAN! I do not want to touch anything that someone's naked rear end has touched...sitting on the bench naked should be against health codes. And i dont appreciate walking into the locker room and being suprised by naked people. Its digusting.

    Ok i'm done.
  2. Uh, what gym do you go to? I'd like to know so I can avoid that one.

    Also girl is it that time of the month because that is one long detailed rant! Hehee :roflmfao: I'm sorry but it made me laugh. I even had my DH read it.
  3. Haha..i go 24 hour fitness. I think it is that time of the feeling a bit moody today. But i just had enough today and yesterday at the gym!!!!
  4. This made me laugh so hard, cause I know exactly what you are talking about! It is pretty bad.
  5. Oh no, I just signed up for 24 hour! Luckily the few times I've gone it's been pretty empty and no smells. Tomorrow when I go I will be thinking about your thread. :roflmfao:
  6. Well I can not say the smells at my gym are that bad... (that is disgusting!!!) but this one woman always comes in with the cheapest perfume you have ever smelt. It is so bad tiolet spray would be better....... i can never breathe around her.

    But I know what you are tgalking about - this sometimes happens when I go out to a nightclub.... what is wrong with people!!!!????? So gross.
  7. I know what you mean. I was next to this guy, like two months ago, and he smelled like his clothes hadn't been laundered in awhile, and he had been smoking. Yuck.

    I usually don't notice too many smells around me. It so grosses me out when someone where too much perfume too. I guess maybe they're trying to cover the B.O. smell.:smile:

  8. ^^^^:roflmfao: Az, you're funny!!! I had to read to this to dh, lol. Maybe you should try going to the gym when it's less crowded?
  9. hahaha that long rant made me laugh!! i understand what you mean though by the nasty smells and people who fart rotten eggs! i also cannot stand the humid bo air...ughh!
  10. I dont think all 24 hours are the same, some of the ones i've been to in irvine are pretty good with odor control and they have fans and stuff. But the one i go to has no fans, just ac, and sometimes it gets pretty stuffy in there. The people dont really seem to care about thier bodily smelly...i even once walked by a sales talking to a family and he smelled like bo.
  11. 24 hour fitness varies quite a bit depending on location and the type of center it is (super sport, active, etc...). The one I go to is pretty clean, well ventilated and the equipment isn't all crammed together. The one down the street is a totally different story, small, cramped, poorly ventilated. The difference in monthly dues is $21 per month.
  12. lol
  13. I paid for the 3 yr membership with my mom. We can basically go to all the centers except the ultra sport. I really want to see how that one is...i cant get in tho.
    I'm at the sport location and suppose to be the corporate center where they train people and hire people. All the machines are cramped together...i swear sometimes i feel like the guy next to me on the elliptical is going to rub my hand as his arm thingie passes mine.
  14. I have the all access, except ultra-sport, membership as well. The super sport I go to is fine, much cleaner than most other gyms I've been too. For cleaner I'd have to go to one of those really expensive ones.

    Still, there is the occasional b.o. offender, just not as often as other clubs I've been too. I almost threw up a few times...:cursing::hysteric::crybaby::sad:
  15. Yes...i've felt like throwing up before too, esp after i've just had something to eat.