Gross question but I need to know if I should talk to my dr.

  1. Since I found out I was pg, I have been eating a lot healthier, drinking more water, no soda, eating carrots/apples etc as snacks rather than cookies, crackers etc.
    I used to have a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days prior to getting pg, now I go twice a day but it is a dark green color. I am really worried about why this would be.
    I know it could have something to do with eating more fruits & veggies but I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced that?
  2. What have you been eating?

    It very well could be due to what you're eating
  3. Go to the doctor. Some people have bowel movements that color when they have liver problems/gallbladder infection.
  4. Are you taking iron pills?
  5. ^^Oh yeah, I forgot. That's a major cause of green BM!!!

    (See, I got an infected gallbladder a few years AFTER my son was born!!)
  6. Well, I am taking pre-natal vitamins (which have iron in them) but this whole "issue" started after I found out I was pg and I was taking the vitamins before we conceived. I have been eating a lot of baby carrots lately as a snack, I have been eating all natural blueberry applesauce for something sweet. It does have this blue-ish color in it....maybe that is what is causing it.
  7. My BM was green too after I gave birth and stopped takinf the iron pills it went way, it was not soft too if you know what i mean.
  8. maybe it's cause of the blueberries?
  9. My poop turns funny colors when I eat blueberries
  10. Whenever I give my little girls blueberries their nappies' contents turn dark sludgy bluey-green.
  11. I'd still bring it up to your doctor, but honestly it probably has more to do with the fruits and veggies that you are eating since your trying to eat healthier. Doctors are used to questions/concerns like this so there is no need to be embarrassed and think twice. Just try to discuss it with some decorum and use the term "bowel movement" rather than "poop". Much more lady like!