Gross Me Out thread!

  1. Don't know if this has been done, and this thread might just flop because I'm the only weirdo around, but I'm in a really silly immature mood. I'll start: around 3 or 4 days out of a given week (when I'm up late on tPF/studying) it's up for grabs whether I brush my teeth before bed :yucky: .
    World's Ugliest Dog, who passed away this year :sad: . May that hideous pooch rest in peace.
  2. I'll see your world's ugliest dog, and raise you -

    Tuna Noodle Casserole
  3. Dont make me bring out the old COLONICS thread pictures..ROFL.....
  4. That is one ugly dog!
  5. What's wrong with tuna casserole???:rolleyes:
  6. OMG - search and find the thread about colonics - that will totally gross anybody out!
  7. I'm sorry . . . canned tuna looks and tastes like catfood. So your tuna noodle cassarole is cat food noodle cassarole!
  8. :roflmfao: Seriously, Jill could probably take over the world by threatening to show those pictures to people!
  9. Not gross enough for you? Want me to bring out the big guns? OK.


  10. HHHMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho: :whistle: :devil: :yes:
  11. i like tuna noodle casserole.. especially since my sister always makes it from scratch.. so it never tastes like cat food to me. :o haha.

    um.. how about.. gross fetishes. like scat. or the poop thing. some people like to eat it.. or be smothered in it during sex.

  12. ROFL :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    oh my Jill.. I REMEMBER THAT THREAD!!

    *gross* :yucky:

    please, spare us and dont post those pictures up!

    Have the tPF members do thier own search regarding colonics! :yes::idea:
  13. :shocked: :wtf: :Push: NO!! NO!! JILL! Anything but those!

    Anyway...I'll add one of my old ones, and 2 new pics for your viewing pleasure:sick: (My selection is entitled: The Wonderful Things Our Body Can Do)
    nose_picking.jpg ARMS_roidman.jpg handystretch.jpg
  14. lol.. i think this should be limited to REAL gross things.. that arms-roid man is totally photoshopped! same with the nose picking thing..
  15. lol.. if i wanna be gross, i could just repost the pictures of britney spear's giving birth statue.. LOL!