Gross Dog Habit...advice Needed!

  1. I havent asked my vet yet,sigh...BUT Ripley..My 1 1/2 year old SHIBA INU(ALSO A PSYCHO!!!LOL!)....eats dog poo.I kid u not.I feed him enough...I swear!LOL!
    Its so disgusting....Anyone had this happen>?I have a couple of acres inside an invisible fence area he is free to roam.....AND I keep catching him eating it..UGH..GAG!!!!!!!!!!
    Im so grossed out..especially when he wants to lick me!ROFL..UGH!:yucky::wtf::sick:
  2. I have actually heard of dogs doing this before, my dog used to rub his nose in his pee. Once I caught him in the middle of his act, and said a firm "NO!!!". And fortunately he has stopped since. Now I am trying to get him to stop pooing on the bathroom rug. It's either the rug or his pad. I have a feeling he knows what the bathroom is used for so he thinks he's suppossed to go in there, but not sure. Anyways good luck with the situation.
  3. There are 2 schools of thought that I am aware of. One, if they eat the feces it makes the other dog "disappear". The other theory is that it just tastes so damn good.
    My dogs like to eat cat poop. There are a million cats running free who seem to like to use my backyard as their toilet, and my dogs will have themselves a buffet if I let them. I consistantly sprinkel cayan pepper in the cat poo area.
  4. Yikes, that's gross when animals do that. Usually from what I have read, it's behavioral, but I have also read that it could indicate a health problem when animals do that, so I would really ask your vet about it.
  5. Its called copafacia (sp?). My one dog does it. Apparently they learn it from their mothers when they are puppies and still feeding. The mother will do it if any of the puppies go in order to keep the space where she cares/feeds them clean. And, like Irishgal said, I've also heard that it tastes good to them.
  6. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
  7. My sister's dog would also eat it..but only when she got excited and hyper. It's a mental thing..I'd recommend telling your vet about it..hopefully he can prescribe something for him to stop doing so.
  8. My toy pomeranian did it when she was that age too. Picture a prissy little, lion-groomed, adorable pomeranian with sh*t hanging out of her mouth. It would make me want to drop her off at the nearest pound! lol We told our vet and he prescribed something, and she stopped within days and never did it again. Def. talk to your vet.
  9. I had a dog that did this to. I threw a big fit everytime he did it & think I shamed him into quitting. Or he did it covertly! Or he probably outgrew it. lol
    An old boyfriend had hunting dogs that ate or rolled around in poo they found in the woods. If they found a dead animal the dogs would go crazy & roll on it too.
  10. LOL! sorry JIll, Im just picturing you ruinning around looking at the poo being eaten!
  11. LOL! I am glad mine doesn't do this, otherwise I would be horrified!
    I dunno what to say Jill, except echoed others who said bring the dog to the vet to consult. I think it needs to be stopped, coz don't we love it when our dog lick our faces... not if they just ate poop though.. hehe..
  12. LOL....Jill isnt that just the WORST!!! Violet used to eat my cats poop as Zackary was trained to poop outside...but he passed away so....that stopped. My girls are kind of gross about licking any sores we might have. I have a gash in my heel right now about as long as my middle finger and its oozing all sorts of liquid and I have to continously push them away as they want to lick it and lick it and lick it. EEEWWWW!!!
  13. My dog eats my cats poop; he takes it out of the litter and runs around with it!! So I should go ask my vet about it? And maybe get a prescription?
  14. Definitely take your dog to the vet ASAP! That's a habit you definitely want to stop sooner than later, since after all, waste is waste for a reason. You don't want him/her eating all of those toxins.

    It's fixable. As others have said, there are medications that should make it stop. :yes: Good luck Jill!
  15. Coprophagia can be fixed when the dog is eating it's own poop by feeding it pills that make the poop taste bad to them (yes, apparently poop can taste worse *gag*). I ordered some in for clients from and they worked well... I should buy stock in the bloody company for having mentioned it so often on here, LOL!