Groovy question, opinions please

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  1. #1 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    Just looking for opinions here about a Poppy bag. I looked at my Coach FP store, 2 Boston stores and Macys, and NONE of them carry the pastel (silver/iris/violet) combo. I saw the light khaki/gold sequin glam tote only.

    I know it is NOT an everyday bag, but I really like the colors together in the photos.
    Has ANYONE seen this color, either in the groovy or the tote? Does it look similar to website?

    I notice that the free shipping on the website ends tomorrow, and would really like to get her for valentines.

    Let me know your opinions for an occasional bag, please.

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  2. I ordered this bag! I haven't seen it IRL, but it was just too pretty to pass up. I plan on using as an occasional bag as well.
  3. I love my groovy. ok where in WI are you. You mentioned boston store so wondering if you are near me. I am in Milw.
  4. In Racine. Took a trip to Mayfair Mall, and Pleasant Prairie, my home away from home:smile:
  5. I've seen it. It's very pretty and does look like the drilldown pic. I would be concerned about the sequins catching on things and breaking off, but if you are careful with it and are only using it occasionally, it'll probably be fine.
  6. i will be happy to keep you updated on BS @ mayfair. Funny I was there today too.
  7. thanks!! The Racine boston store has very few Coach compared to Mayfair.
  8. I have it in the glam tote, and LOVE it! the color is true to the website i think. Its super pretty
  9. I saw the khaki/gold IRL and it's super cute, I really want this bag. My store didn't have the color that you want but I think it's beautiful in the picture.
    I don't remember in which post I saw that it is a concern about the zipper of the Groovy Bag , anyone knows about that??
  10. ^^ Sometimes the zippers can stick with the Groovys... that's all I can think of?
  11. i saw it in IRL and it's SO pretty! I'm hoping to get it for vday =)
  12. Sometimes the zipper teeth don't track straight into the thingy that's being pulled and then it gets stuck. Some people have had luck rubbing wax paper on the zipper so it doesn't get stuck as much, or else you can physically hold the teeth straight when zipping.
  13. It is just as cute IRL! I want it...but 3 young kids...doesn't bode well for sequin bags.