Groovee Vs. Hillier

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  1. I bought my first Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag in May. It was the black Faridah one with silver hardware. I absolutely love love love it because it's very classic, smooth but very convenient. Now that I have one, I know how awesome they are so I want another one.

    I just don't know which one to get as well as the size of the bag.

    Classic Hillier:

    OR should I go for the large Hillier? I like the wine colour.

    Baby Groovee:

    I don't know whether it's too small or if I should go for the larger Groovee? I live in Vancouver and there's no Nordstroms or Nordstroms Rack. We have Holt Renfrew which is similar but most times they don't have multiple bags.

    The Bombay Satchel is also very nice:

    I love shoulder bags and I don't know if I should go for something that has two handles or something like the Bombay Satchel that has a longer shoulder strap. Also, I would like something that is different from my Faridah.

    I am confused and just don't know which to pick, what colour and which size. I tend to always go for black since it goes with everything and looks very classic.

    MJ experts pls help.
  2. i pondered the groove VS the hillier too (before the smaller groove came out). out of those two i kinda prefer the hilllier in the HUGE size. the thing about the groove is that it's an arm carry bag if you dont use the shoulder strap and i think the east/west wide nature of it can be unflattering on some. i like the slouch of the huge hillier a lot and it has two different ways to carry it on your shoulder.

    the baby groove is cute, but only if you like arm carry bags. i tried one on and liked it a lot more than the regular size groove personally. but im pretty sure it has a top zip, which means you have to zip it to get in and out. the nice thing about the hillier is that it's an open top, but deep. so you have the ease of that, but also the security that no ones gonna reach in and grab something.

    i also prefer black in most things, but that new wine color is just stunning and something that i think is very classy and gorgeous for fall
  3. jun3machina, thanks very much for your input. It's greatly appreciated.

    I get what you're saying... I don't like arm carry bags. That's one of the huge reasons why I don't buy the speedo from Luis Vuitton. I like the look but I greatly dislike the arm carry bags. I am 5' 2" and I don't want to look as if I'm drowning in my bag. That is one of my huge concerns with the groovee bags whether it's the small or larger version.

    The classic and larger hillier also have a significant size difference? Again for someone who is short would it look awkward if I got the larger one? I do have the Faridah and love the larger and roomier look. I dunno, it just seems more classy.

    Again thanks for your opinion.
  4. i think there's 3 sizes in the hillier. the medium looks great!
  5. ^There are only 2 hillier sizes. Small/medium are the same.

    Hillier and Groovee are very different. I would get both!

    I think the smaller hillier would look better on someone your height, but it's all about what makes you feel comfortable.
  6. ^ ITA about the smaller size probably being better for you :tup:
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  8. i think the groovee is the best looking mbmj bag, but i'd use the hillier more. i prefer the large size to the small. i really like the bombay satchel too. so many handsome bags in perfect colors this season. it's quite unfair that we're expected to choose!
  9. Definitely don't get the groovee if you don't like hand-held bags. It has the shoulder strap option but it is truly meant to be carried by hand/crook of arm. The Hillier sounds like it might be perfect for you! Get it in anything but black (since you already have a black bag). Do share when you decide!
  10. Thanks for all your opinions. It's making my decision a lot easier.

    The larger Hillier is bigger than the Faridah, right? The Faridah is the perfect size for me. Anything larger wouldn't look right imo. If it's the same, then I'd go for the larger one.

    With the small Hillier does it have enough room? My co-worker has it and imo it doesn't look as though it does. I can't judge just from the outside... it just looks squishy and barely fits everything in.

    I tempted to get black... does the wine colour look more red or more brown? If and when I ever got the groovee, it would definitely be in black so I don't really know which colour to go for if I'm getting the Hillier?

    ehc2010, I would love to get both. That would be just awesome! I actually like the gold hardware better than the silver. Just looks more rich with Marc Jacob handbags.

    Is it wrong that I want a Holt Renfrew GC to purchase a Marc Jacob handbag for our 6 yr. anniversary?

    Edit: kmroboto, I think you answered a number of my questions before I posted. Thank you!
  11. Does anyone know if the Hillier comes in this colour:

    I love colour after black.

    If not, which colour do you think I should get other than black? I don't know... I like neutrals so they go with everything but I don't want to have just black.

    Any ideas?!
  12. I am 5'1" and own the huge hillier. yes it is a large bag, but the smaller version was just way too small for me. LOVE my hillier. Go to bag.
  13. My next one will be a huge hillier. I am debating on black, blue, or wine. I'll take any at a great deal. lol I have tried the baby groove and I did not like it as much. I think the hillier is so versatile
  14. Theres a wine color for fall that is very close to this.
  15. I don't mind that colour but it looks more brown than red. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of brown or tan. If it's a deep chocolate brown I would like it.

    Does this colour still exist?

    I love that colour. I want something like that. If not, my feeling is that I will probably get the black one. It will be different somewhat because my Faridah has silver hardware and this will have gold hardware. I know, not too big of a difference.

    What other colours has the Hillier come in over the years? Has the Hillier ever changed in looks previously other than the colour?

    Thanks for answering!