groovee satchel-- m by mj

  1. hi all--
    i just picked up a canvas white groovee satchel at bloomingdales. i LOVE this bag, but discovered it comes in chocolate. i love the winter white color, but it's not the most practical (especially with a nearly 2 year old)...
    the sales folks told me it only comes in the white i got, gray and in black. i don't like gray and i already have a black softy tote.

    is it that bloomie's only carries the three colors? i have to get it at bloomie's, as i used a gift card. i wonder if they can try to locate one in chocolate for me? maybe that color is discontinued?

    sorry for all the questions...
    thanks in advance!
  2. the chocolate groovee was released for fall 07. it has since gone on sale, so you might have a hard time trying to find it in department stores especially with the spring groovees out there now. i would suggest eBay, but be careful of fakes. i would post any listings you find in the 'authenticate this marc jacobs' link before you bid.