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  1. #1 Sep 18, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2012
    I just can say yikes!!

    at the same time I feel better that I knew quickly that it was a fake... it means that my eye is starting to be "trained"

    ... come on! if she does that here in France (showing the email and her face like that) she can be easily caught by the douanes...
  2. this lady is crazy for doing this WITH her face showing. Louis Vuitton is a registered trademark which is why you don't see replicas that are EVER legal. She could be brought to court for this kind stuff. On another note, she could have at least combed her hair a bit and put on some better makeup. Or just a mask to save time.
  3. I'm not super crazy about being angry at people who carry fakes, but in this instance, when a person takes so much time to record a review to show people how similar to a designer brand they can get, I think to myself, why not take the money you invested in a good fake and go and buy a nice handbag from a designer who does not cost as much?

    I remember I felt this way in high school even, and I was only fifteen then. I did not have a good quality handbag (I think I really wanted a neutral color, as most of my bags were the kitschy type), and I went shopping with a friend whose parents gave her Louis Vuitton bags, actually. We went to Guess and I bought a black pleather handbag that just had a few Gs on it (not one of the ones covered them). For a while, I even had Guess sneakers, I thought they were adorable - but I can't remember who gave them to me as a gift, as I did not buy them for myself. Anyway, my point is, even as a 15 year old I had enough sense to know that designer luxury items were of good quality and I desired them, but if you practically can't make it happen for yourself, that doesn't mean you can't look great and fashionable with another brand that costs less! Coach can be beautiful, Guess, Kate Spade, etc. In fact, I own a beautiful Kate Spade bag that was a gift from my mother and my mom owns multiple Coach bags (some canvas, some leather) and she looks fabulous for less than LV! (I'm personally saving up for an LV, but my mom thinks it's hysterical and would so rather wear something that doesn't cost so much money so she doesn't have to worry about it!)

    Women like the one in the video obviously do value craftsmanship and the brand, or else why spend so much time trying to prove how "real" their fake can be? The difference is, that they value the status of having a Louis Vuitton more than the actual craftsmanship and quality of the brand.
  4. She posts videos all the time. So sad! I thought if you were going to carry fakes, you keep it on the DL lol she always looks like S*** too, even when she says she tried to look good that day! C'mon youtube, ban her, its one of those things its so bad you cant stop looking!
  5. Seen this video before...can't stand the concept of illegally purchasing a fake bag after 9/11. Apparently 9/11 was not a significant event to deter people from patronizing and possibly funding terrorist groups.
  6. Some people really do not care at all if their bag is fake...can't understand it but no use worrying about it cause she's going to do what she's going to do
  7. is so stupid in 5:46 she says about the fake pochette "this is made of crappy material" ... and then she says "I dont expect this to last long"... yuck... the original one is made of GOOOD material and is expected to last maaaaaaaaany years :pout:

    lets kick her :boxing: and then call the police XD :police:
  8. I seriously despise that woman. I report every one of her "replica" videos as fraud. I wish Youtube would step in and shut her down.
  9. yeah... and aaaaaaaaay she has only good comments... and now I understand why... in another video she says that all the bad comments from "certain jugdemental people that cannot accept the fact she gets the replicas" will be deleted and the users will be blocked... and she says that she blocked also the ratings...

    Her replica bags are :throwup: yiaaaaaaaak... even the packaging is nasty... yikes
  10. i've seen that troll before...somehow she came up when i searched for authentic LV reviews on youtube few months back. whats sad is that she thinks.her sh*** dont stink and there are many ppl commenting to get.more info so they can get one. ehhh
  11. I definitely don't support her advertising replicas, but I don't enjoy reading people's comments about how she looks. What she looks like has nothing to do with LV. Beauty's only skindeep people.

    Have a little respect, even IF she is doing somethinh you don't agree with.
  12. So crazy she talks about spending $1000 on a bag, but she has LOTS of replicas (based on all her videos) and has definitely spent way over 1k total on them! She could have used all the money she spent on fakes to buy one real one.
  13. All I can say is :nogood:
  14. Is that Danny Devito? Grossss