Grooms of Paris Bags

  1. Is anyone familiar with Grooms handbags from Paris. I have bought a few of them in Paris and they are wonderful.
  2. not familiar with them- do you have pictures to post? and a website we can peruse?
  3. :biggrin: Never heard of them, but there are a lot of great Parisian bags out there waiting to be discovered.
  4. Have you got any pictures?
  5. I'm assuming the brand name is Grooms? Please do post pictures, I'd love to see them. I am going to Paris (I should be there for my 25th birthday if I can plan it) and I'd love to know about insider Paris finds and where I can buy them! Thanks.
  6. I'd like to know also, I'm leaving on April 5. Someone in our forum said that Gerard Darel is "out" - so what do these Grooms look like?