Groomline Agenda Color. What did you pick?

  1. SO.
    As most of you know by now the agenda comes in 3 colors. Yellow, red, and blue.

    I had the SA put down yellow at first because I just loved how classic it looked. :idea: But the Argentinan in me just could not resist that blue and white combo! So I changed my name on the waitlist for blue.

    Anyone else reserve their color?

    what is it?
  2. I am on the list for red! I love the red!
  3. I go for the blue!
  4. red, then blue
  5. red red red\
  6. I wish it came in Orange which is my fave, but second is red. but I would be fine with blue or yellow.
  7. Green Zippy Wallet!!!
  8. Rond cles (will take it if they make it in red) wait list for orange

    Red agenda...
  9. I'll take what I can get!:lol:
  10. I like the blue the most :biggrin: Or red.
  11. I realllllllllly wished for a Green....but if I had some extra hundred lying around *what are the chances of that????* then I'd get they Blue..
  12. Well does anyone know if the blue is the same shade as the zippe wallet? if it is then either red or yellow, or both! haha I can't decide.
  13. I think the yellow agenda is perfect for mono canvas and the red one for damier...can i grab both?:graucho:
  14. I called a reserved a blue for myself...I hope I like it!!!:nuts:
  15. I love the yellow