Grooming Gratuity?

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  1. I'm taking my fluffball in to be groomed this weekend, and I'm just wondering what kind of gratuity you are expected to give the groomer?

  2. Don't people tip the groomer? Just want to do the right thing :smile:!
  3. I tip....usually $5 (my groomings range from $30 - $45). I had one place that was $75 for grooming and I tipped $10.
  4. Thank you for the info- I really want to give a fair tip, and of course if you ask them they are just going to demure answering. Phew.
  5. My pup goes to an 'animal friendly' place where they're allowed to walk around and don't stay in cages while they're waiting to be groomed or after they're done. It's kind of pricey, but when my other dog was dying the woman who was in charge of the place made all sorts of accommodations for our pet and my mom always tips around 15-20% and the bill is around $65 pre tip. I think maybe a few dollars is appropriate though.
  6. I usually tip about $5 and I think my bill usually runs $30 (before tip) for both dogs.
  7. It is $45 to get my 80 lb dog groomed. I tip $10. I read online somewhere that it should be 20%?
  8. I used to tip about $5 when it was $25.

    Now I don't pay anything. The groomer at my DH's work does it. And she will not accept anything from us.
  9. One of my dogs at home is a nightmare for anyone to deal with who isn't immediate family (we adopted him from an animal shelter, they believe he was badly abused and neglected - possibly an ex-puppy mill dog :sad:). He gets a little nippy and defensive if anyone tries to touch his face, fortunately, he LOVES our groomer and she thinks he's the sweetest thing ever.
    I'm pretty sure my mom always gives her quite the tip (around $5-10, depending on the haircut) since it's great that someone is patient and understanding with his doggie issues.
  10. Wow I WISH my groomer was $45! It costs $70 every time I go and I tip $10-$12, although I have wondered if that's too much.
  11. My cat groomer charges $75 and comes to the house. Since it is his business and he gets the entire fee I don't tip him. He does get a holiday bonus, usually $75.
  12. I've actually wondered about this... if the groomer is just a one person shop and he/she owns the place, is there still a need to tip?
  13. Well I guess Cindi answered my minute before I posted. Oops.
  14. I tip Mia's groomer 20%
  15. The place we take our large Boxer to charges $35, and I add $6-7, depending on what I have in my wallet. It takes 2 people to bathe him and trim his toenails.