Groomer accused of selling pierced kittens

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009

    Pierced 'Gothic Kittens' Seized

    2:34pm UK, Friday December 19, 2008
    Animal protection officers have seized "gothic kittens" with piercings which were being advertised for sale on the internet.

    [​IMG] The photo of 'Snarley Monster' which appears on the advert

    The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals removed three kittens and a cat from a home outside Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
    "This is a first. It's unbelievable anybody would do this to kittens," animal protection officer Carol Morrison told the local Times Leader newspaper.
    They were tipped off after a listing appeared on a website under the title "pure black, tailless, pierced, gothic kitten".
    One of the defenceless creatures, named Snarley Monster, is shockingly described as "a three-month-old, floppy-eared, loveable kitten with a docked tail" in the advert.
    The animal is pictured on the site with two 14-gauge ear piercings and a "submission ring" through the back of its neck.

    [​IMG] Ring on back of kitten's neck

    The owner asked for offers over $400 for the kitten, the jewellery and a silk submission lead to clip onto the neck ring.
    Ms Morrison said the kittens would be checked over by a vet before a decision is made on whether they will be placed in new homes.
    The woman, who had a pet grooming business in the basement of her home, is expected to face charges.

    I read another article about this woman in which she stated,"there's no difference between piercing a cat and piercing a human.'

    Uh---yes there is. It's called "informed consent".
  2. Good grief, what next? :sad:

  3. How could that stupid stupid woman not know that it would be painful for the kitten. For gods sake they are barbells as well at least three times the thickness of an earing, they are weighing down the poor kittens ears. She would have needed to use a needle and catheter to get that in (thats if she did it properly) which are not readily available.
    She is probably a groomer who sedates animals without consent as well, good thing her business is now ruined I say.

    Im suprised that its legal to pierce a infants ears as they cant give informed consent either.
  4. Disgusting!
  5. this is disturbing. I can't believe there are people out there willing to do this and think that it is OKAY.
  6. My gosh why are people so cruel? I just don't understand pisses me off to no end. I would just like to:smash: these idiots.
  7. OMG! What is wrong with this person?!?:wtf::cursing::cursing:
  8. :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  9. Not only is that so cruel, but it just looks disgusting. Especially the one with the piercing in the back.
  10. How utterly ridiculous. Anyone with half a brain could surmise that two cats playing together could end up ripping any of those piercings out.
  11. Except for those people that pierce baby girls' ears, which I totally disagree with, but that's another thread entirely, LOL.

    This is terrible. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to do something like this. Disgusting.:tdown:
  12. Is there no end to the things people will do to innocent animals in order to make money? WTF?
  13. thats the first thing i thought of! its the same thing as piercing a baby's ears which i think is completely ridiculous- at least wait until they're old enough to know what's going on!

    this breeder sounds like she has many screws loose... some people are disgusting :shrugs:
  14. EWWWWW!!!!

    Those poor babies!!!!
  15. Unbelievable what people do to try to make pets "prettier". Why would anyone dock the poor thing's tail?? Just get a Manx, that naturally has no tail. Can't they just appreciate the natural beauty of their companion with out trying to alter their appearance. That's disgusting. The sad thing is, some ignorant people will think it's cool and defend it since humans pierce their ears and bellybuttons so it's ok. With it hitting the airwaves, I hope it doesn't turn into a mini trend. :tdown: