Groom Scarf!! Please help

  1. I have both the mini lin speedy and the monogrm speedy 30, I am thinking about purchasing the groom scarf to tie on my mono speedy? What do you guys think? I have never used a scarf on my bag before. someone told me to look at the mini lin scarf but i couldnt find it anywhere,
    Can any of you help me and let me know if you think the speedys look good with the scarf tied on them or should i just forget about it. Also, what color is my other decison. thanks
  2. I posted this on the other thread also, but I'd go with the bandeau instead of a scarf, if you're going with the Groom. With the scarf, the design is pretty much in the middle and if you fold it to tie it on your bag, you won't see the Groom, just part of the stripes.
  3. If you just want to see the design, you can look at To buy, just call the 866 numbers, they will find for you.

    You have to be careful alot of them are big scarves....too big to tie on your bag.
  4. do you think the long one is too big to put on your bag??? However, it is sooo cute
  5. I don't think you'd even see the groom if you tie it to a bag
  6. Here is my mini lin with the groom bandana
    groombandada copy.jpg
  7. Gosh that came out big!?!
  8. oh, it is so beautiful! What scarf is that? is it the long or short one? Also do you use it one your mini lin speedy all the time. I was told that the groom scarf didnt match the mini lin, but it sure looks great in the photo
  9. yes, but i guess there is two types of groom scarfs. One that is long and thin and it is priced at 110 and the other standard square one is about 145.00. I cant decide which one I want. i would like the advice that anyone can offer,,thanks
  10. Mine is the bandana. It is the square one and it was $140. It matches great IMO!
  11. Oh sorry I didn't answer do I use it all the time: I am not using it now because my jack and lucie took over it's place on the bag until Halloween is over!
  12. I prefer the bandeau :smile:
    It just depends on which print you want..the scarf has a larger print and a larger Groom and the bandeau has a tiny LV print and 2 little Grooms on the ends.
  13. oh, i have Jack and Lucy too! Did you ever try the longer scarf on your bag or did you just decide that the square one is best. I keep looking at your photo of the mini lin with the scarf, it is really beautiful. Do you only use it on your bag?? sorry for so many questions! thanks
  14. aww thats cute....i love putting scarfs on bags. i have never done it with LV before but i have with coach and it looks super cute.