Groom Relaunched?

  1. Did LV relaunch the groom line? There are a bunch of groom bandeaus (scarf) in both red & yellow in eluxury. The last time I called 888-vuitton there were only 2 red groom bandeaus left in North America, 1 was damaged and the other I purchased. Is the groom line LE?
  2. Maybe it's unsold European stock... Eluxury is the place LV sells off its older items, among the new stuff of course.
  3. my LV still has groom. im sure its left over stuff
  4. I hope not. I agree that it might just be leftover stuff. Don't you just LVoe the groom line though?
  5. It's probably just leftover stock
  6. Yea, I agree with the rest, it should be the leftover stocks, just like the perfo items. :yes:
  7. Yup, just leftovers. My store doesn't have anything left.
  8. I saw groom rond, zipped compact wallet, pochette wallet on display @ caesar's forum shop last week
  9. I do!
  10. wow they still have left over groom stuff? hmmmm i love groom i gotta go and check out my lv for more groom stuff everyone always ask me about it and if they can still find it, i love it
  11. they are just left overs...
  12. I REALLY wish they'd relaunch it bags like keepalls pegases etc!!!!!

  13. and i'll be the first to scream if tat does happen!!!:tup:
  14. Yup, my store doesn't have any groom items left either.

    Like everybody mentioned they are most likely leftovers. :yes:
  15. they had groom keepalls and pegases!?!?!?!?!
    Who has the pics! :nuts: