Groom Red Agendas

  1. HEY everyone interested in the agenda groom in red its back on e-lux.
    I still have mixed reviews? What do you think-because its limited edition?
    help , i'm holding one right now.........
    Does it look a little young, I'm 51 years old.Should i just get the epi
  2. Personally, I do think it looks young. I ended up getting the damier koala agenda over the groom. It is really cute, but if you're only getting one agenda, I think it should be a more classic look. If you're getting two, then why not get one with a little whimsy. Plus, it is LE, so I would not use it for everyday anyway.
  3. thanks, I needed that(smile). I think I'll hold out for a while and get an epi, I think a medium size in red.
    have a great day
  4. I think you should get it. It's can always sell it when it's unavailable anymore.
    It's youngish looking but not as young as PANDA IMO..I think you can pull it off. The only worry me about this line is "rub off" many white suface to attract dirts and get rub off. I didn't get mine because I would rather wait until Feb when LV launch new candy apple red Vernis.
  5. I bought one in the blue. I am 35 years old, and I don't think I would have wanted a groom on a handbag or anything sizeable, but I think of an agenda as a minor piece to have some fun with. And I am using it daily, LE or no LE, I don't buy things as collectibles but because I want to enjoy them. I am trying to minimize and wear on the printing by keeping it with the groom facing the satin-y lining of my Bagmate organizer, but I have promised myself that I won't freak out if he starts to look a little ragged. It happens to us all unfortunately LOL...
  6. now now what is with the age crack...I hate ageism...60 is the new 30...Some days I feel like people judge us based on our age and less people want you when you get older...Madonna and many other catches are approaching 50...45+ is hot...attitude baby!!!!
  7. Hey, I am 51! and I love the groom pieces. At the moment I can only afford the cles and maybe if it is still around xmas time I will get the pochette wallet. I think the groom gives the mono a bright and happy face on the items.
    And at this age we need stuff that make us look younger and not older! Heck I love Tokidoki Lescportsac bags! They are young and fun and keep me abreast with my 14-year old daughter!:smile:
  8. I, too hate when people say too it's because I am getting

    If you like it, I say get it!
  9. I am old
    I have the red Groom agenda
    I love it
    I rock it
    My kids aren't embarrassed to be seen with me when I use it
    I think you should get it
  10. Taco you are so funny! No, I really do think you should get it! Your age shouldn't be an issue! OK! I have my agenda in red, and I love it! I think it is really cute!
  11. ^^^:choochoo:
  12. Thanks for all the imput-No offense to use older gals. GEEZ-I HAVE MY 20 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER BORROWING FROM ME ALL THE TIME!
    i do think that the groom looks fine, but in the long term, I think the red epi in medium is what I'll go with.
    I wanted a larger one anyway, but you know us gals, we always want to here from aour purse girl!
  13. Can't go wrong with red epi!!
    Anything in red epi is TDF. Good choice.
  14. Excellent choice! In my earlier post, I didn't mean to discourage you from the groom. I just think if you're going to really put some wear and tear on your agenda, the red epi would be a better choice. You could always get the groom agenda and use it to keep pictures of your family and friends and stuff like that. I've read somewhere here that you can get picture inserts from filofax. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your agenda and post pics soon! You know we all love to see everyone's new lv's!!
  15. Red epi is durable and beautiful. It's a great choice. But I don't think age should be a factor.