Groom Porte-Monnaie Rond

  1. If anyone is looking for one of these I just saw one at the LV inside Bloomingdales San Francisco brand new! I hope a tPFer gets it! Good luck!
  2. thanks, was it red/yellow/blue?
  3. I want to say it was yellow or orange? I'm not familiar with the line. It wasn't red or blue though. I would give them a call though in case they have others in the back. The piping still looked very light. Good luck!
  4. The LV boutique at Northbrook Court in IL had 3 of this in stock - orange color. They also have the the groom, cles in yellow
  5. Classic Chic, it would have been orange, this was the only color the Rond came in. The Cles only came in yellow. :yes: