Groom Pochette?

  1. Is the groom line going to have a pochette? Any limited edition pochettes coming out for FW (in the mono line)?
  2. don't know?
  3. No pochette for groom when my SA showed me in the book. The only LE pochette I know will be in Miror line. It's will be lovely if they make pochette for groom line..
  4. Drats...I'm starting to collect LE pochettes (only ones I really like though) and I kinda like the groom line....not a big fan of the miroir line though :sad:
  5. oh I would love something from the groom line
  6. Nope, no pochette. I'd be on the list for it if they were going to have one lol.
    Anyway, only little accessories like keycases, coin cases and I think I saw a longer zippered wallet. Other than that, nothing larger.
  7. Too bad because that would be so cute!