Groom Pochette Cles

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  1. Since I saw the Groom Pochette Cles (the yellow one) attached to a PFer BH I felt in love :love: and - of course now I NEED one :nuts:
    I've attached my monogram coins and keys and It's really handy to keep my buss pass so I don't have to open my BH but it's not the same think...I want a little color
    I was wondering if you guys know the price in Canada - also, do I have a chance to find one at the LV boutique or I need to begin my hunt on Ebay?
    Thanks a million
  2. I think there should be some at the boutique. I saw one at the Holt Renfrew in Edmonton a couple days ago, so they're not sold out everywhere:yes:
  3. they are on eluxury. i just ordered it sunday they ship to canada?? try to stay away from ebay with the groom stuff. i saw soooo many fakes.
  4. Good luck!!
  5. Back in October - It was 210.00 CAD. I almost bought one. But decided not to get it - as I really wanted a MC Cles one.
  6. Hi there - congrats on your new wallet:P
    so + 14% tax= $240 I'll make a trip downtown Montreal and try my luck :yes:
    Louielover I don't have access to the MP (yet) :crybaby:
  7. good luck getting shouldn't be too hard, i hope :smile: