Groom Pochette Cles only $160CDN?! What?

  1. I just called the LV store because I wanted to know the price of the Groom bandeau. They have both yellow and red right now for $150 and then she told me the pochette cles is $160. Whaa???? I even said, "really, it's $160??" and she said yes.

    Is this lady just high or are we getting a deal here?
  2. what lv store??!!? I'm gonna call there and buy it! lol
  3. US i'm sure if you called 1866 vuitton and didnt ask for the cnd price it would be about 200$

    and i'm sure she gave you the price for the pochette cles Monogram not groom
    cles .jpg mono.jpg
  4. ^ ahhhh, that's probably why. darn it, lol. i was like, WHATTT?!! how could my luck be sooo goood!! :biggrin:
  5. ^^ agree, I think we'd all be on the phone getting one for that price :smile:
  6. Wow, that's a crazy good price but I just called the LV store at Hotel Vancouver and she told me it was $215. Last one, I have it on hold and I am thinking about purchasing it.... I checked eBay and it looks like a few auctions are starting it at $270!!
  7. i think i got mine groom cles for $200 before taxe. just got it this month.