Groom pieces ordered from Elux??? "Made in ???"

  1. I was just wondering for those of you that have ordered Groom pieces from Elux. have they been "Made in France"?? Spain, USA?? (Especially, If you ordered the Red Poch. Wallet..... what does it say???

  2. My cles is Made in Spain
  3. my pochette wallet is made in France, and the cles is made in Spain...
  4. My yellow Cles says Made in Spain, the red PTI that I have on hold, says Made in France.
  5. My cles says made in spain, I also ordered an agenda, so I don't know where that is made until I receive it.
  6. My yellow groom agenda is made in spain..
  7. My cles is Made in France, I did not get it from elux.