Groom owners....


Do you get weird looks about your Groom?

  1. Yeah All the Time!

  2. No, not really.

  3. Jill, You're N-U-T-S!

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  1. do you ever get weird looks from ppl thinking your accessory is fake b/c of the lil man??? I get it lots with my groom poch. wallet. One guy even said to me, " wow...did you paint that on there? it's really coool..." LOL.

    anyway, I love refreshing from regular monogram.
  2. I have a groom wallet also and love it- but no one has ever commented on it
  3. I am a proud owner of the groom wallet. Occasionally, ppl will compliment on my baby!:yahoo:
  4. I have the round coin purse and no comments up to now
  5. My friends call it "China town man" cuz they think it looks like something you could buy there, or they call it "TIN TIN" cuz they think he looks like that, I have almost every goroom piece so I'm used to comments like that becuase I always use my stuff, but yea they said they think it loks fake. :push:
  6. aww..such a shame huh rishin? I think it's the cutest collection ever!! i guess only true LV collectors would know it was real.
  7. I have the agenda and no one says any thing.
  8. Me too no comments except someone will stare at it with question but don't ask.:smile:
  9. No comments on mine...except my ex really liked it.
  10. Funny you should ask that, every time I take out my blue zip wallet, I get stares like, "oh that CAN'T be REAL".... only TRUE LV afficianados would know, so I don't care.......
  11. No a couple of people said it was adorable though.
  12. love my groom is soooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!
  13. I have a cles and a zippy organizer and I just adore them. I get comments that they're cute, but nothing mean about fakes. I wouldn't me the groom represents classy travel of yesteryear.
  14. ooh..that's a good point of view...

    :yes: my bf really likes it too...
  15. I've gotten several comments that the 'little guy' looks like Tintin (from The Adventures of Tintin)