Groom line ?

  1. Now that I have a groom bandeau I want more! (i think I switched from loving bags to loving accessories today!)

    what colors did the items come in? I know I want a cles, the bandeau/scarf in every color I can get, and possible porte tressor or agenda

    please tell me I can get everything in every color!
  2. what did you end up getting today? did i miss it?
  3. This is all I can remember:

    Porte Monnaie Rond- Orange
    Cles- Green
    Compact Wallet- Blue
    Agenda- Blue, Red, Yellow
    Porte Tresor- Green, Red
    Bandana: Yellow, Red
    Bandeau: Yellow, Red
  4. check "my heart fetish" thread

    it's tied on my luco tote

  5. must have green cles! The SA at my store told me it only came in yellow!...maybe she meant it only came in yellow to her store?
    man, I wanna go back and buy more!
  6. my cles is yellow. the zippy groom is green.
  7. Was there ever a green cles? Does anyone have a picture? :yes:
  8. The only cles was yellow. The zippy wallet came in green and I'm pretty sure the porte tresor was only red. There are also two & red. The blue is actually a turqoise blue color...very very pretty!
  9. No it was the wallet that was green? Cles only came in yellow?
  10. i wanted a green cles
    that's just sad......:crybaby:
  11. yea, i believe the cles came only in yellow too. but it still looks lovely! i :heart: mine
  12. I have a groom wallet in red
  13. As others have said, john nailed them except cles, that was yellow...still lots available.
  14. groom in blue is beautiful, but i dont like the other colors, they are kind of off.
    id give anything for a blue cles!!!!!!!
    but theres no such thing as SO groom...
  15. Yeah Juan was right, but the cles only came in yellow and the round cles (known as the Porte Monnaie Round) came in orange. Also, there wasn't a green PTI wallet, it only came in red. The only green wallet was the Zippy.