Groom Line.....

  1. Just curious, how long do you think it will take for them to sell out world wide? :wondering They are just too cute!!!
  2. Just for your info,I know that in Europe,the stock will be enough for X´Mas because we had this information this week.
    In our store,we started to sale Groom collection from Monday but we don´t sale a lot of it.People find it it´s expensive...:sad:
  3. Cool....thanks for letting me know!
  4. i do find the groom collection a tad expensive... the rond is 265 cdn and about 302 with tax... i think i might be better off buying the mc wapity instead cuz thats only 410 with tax :s
    so its good to know that there might be enough stock till xmas since it will give me plenty of time to think about whether i should purchase it or not...
    i actually really like the agenda but i don't need to own two agendas :sad:
  5. I do find it slightly expensive...I only ended up getting the poch cles for 345NZD...but apparently pretty much the whole range was sold out on the first day
  6. Prentice,

    I also from NZ!!!

    anyway I saw the collection on display on monday but I didnt purchase it that time, I went back on tuesday and most item already sold out or last pieces.

    I found the key cles are really popular ! also the compact wallet! I bought the long wallet which is the last 2 pieces.

    I found this collection is not that expensive compare to other limited edition because LV now making those really expensive limited edition sometimes but.. compare to a normal wallet price. it is same price as a suhali compact wallet ( which is top of the range) it is expensive!!
  7. I didn't find it that expensive....the cles wasn't that much more than a regular mono cles (or much more than my mini lin cles). I say if you have any now before they become only available on ebay and you have to pay double or triple!
  8. Yay!!! another fellow kiwi!!!:yahoo: I thought I was alone....
  9. The groom line is not nearly as much as the cerises line so I think it is priced well in comparison.
  10. My SA told me its a 6 month availability like the cerises line but it all depends on how the response is like....the first lot arrived for this sat (here in Melbourne)...not sure how many though but you can always wait for the next lot...
  11. Yea, I am sure there was INITAL (key work haha) rush, but it will settle a bit and I am sure about a few batched were made and will be released periodically before xmas (the longer they wait to release each batch the more hype/demand it will create and the more marketing they can do) They are smart ppl and I am sure something will be available before xmas.
  12. I think by Christmas, a lot of the pieces will be sold out. They make great gifts!