Groom Line: Trendy? Collectible? For everyday? Your thoughts..

  1. Ok...I was reading in another thread about this....(can't find it now..):Push:

    Neway...Do you think the "Groom line" pieces are "too trendy"? Do you think they'll fizzle out?


    Do you think they'll be sought after? Do you think more people will use them for the fact that they are limited and the groom story/history behind them? Do you think they have the potential to be a "classic" LV line?? What about the you feel they limit when u can use them yr around? For instance, red: for holiday season?? Or is color a non-issue...

    In general: What about everyday/yr round use of the Groom Line?? (just wondering..):rolleyes: For those of you that have Groom pieces....wallets (especially) do you plan on using it as your permanent wallet?? No switching w/ other wallets you may have...

    Your thoughts!!
  2. I plan on using it with most of my bags, probably not anything to dressy, but I like to use my stuff.
  3. I started another thread some time ago, about how I was unsure about the groom line. And till now, I'm still not sure about it. :shame: I'm gonna wait till the launch of azur line, then I'll decide if I should get something from groom. Even if I do, I think I'll only get a cles.

    Well, don't know if they will be sought after, but many PFers totally adore them. ;) If you like them, go get something from that line. It's better than regretting and feel like kicking yourself after that.
  4. LOL...actually I do have a few items already...:shame: ACK! I like the collectible aspect of it and the history. I plan on using mine yr around (my ronde, and cles).

    But was wondering about the wallet for instance cuz it's red...(Hmm??) I guess it doesn't matter or does it? I haven't recieved it yet (poch. wallet)...but I intend to use it as my "main" wallet. For years to come, that's until I get bored and buy another down the line. ;)
  5. I got the Groom cles, totally so I would have one thing. I'm too afraid of the silk screening to buy something like a wallet. I figure I'll probably only use the cles for a year or so anyway.
  6. I pulled out my blue groom agenda at work today and people are fawning over it. Even people who "hate" LV. It's a hit. I think it is a cute classic and I'm mad over my agenda. I think it's very sweet. Get it while you can!

    Of course the fact that it's super limited makes it more appealing to the masses. Always want what you can't have!
  7. I don't own one of the wallets, and I am not sure if I will get one or not but I do have a cles and I ust it as a decoration on my is just too cute!
  8. I think Groom is fun addition . . .
    I wished that it could have come out on a larger piece, that I would use for travel, or some large cosmetic bag.
  9. I don't think it is trendy at all. In fact, the style is based on what LV has been doing for over 100 years - stripes on hard sided luggage. Also the groom character has a vintage look which isn't trendy, in my opinion.
  10. I was completely unsure at first. Today I went in and saw for myself... and got the blue Groom agenda LOL
    It's so pretty! :love::love:
  11. Yeah, I believe the bellman character appeared in an advertisement from the 1920's or 30's
  12. Yes, it's from an ad in the 1920s I believe, and the ad said (translated from French): "Show me your luggage, and I'll tell you who you are". There was a bellboy on the ad, the same one that is on the groom collection.

    The stripes, on the other hand, are derived from luggage pieces. People used to have their luggage painted (initials, etc.), therefore the color paintings on canvas.

    All this from the manager of my LV store :smile:
  13. Sorry fans..I don't like it that much. To my opinion it looks a bit masculin with the bellboy on it.
  14. I adore it! I love collecting limited editions from LV and this line didn't disappoint me! You can see my family of grooms on my showcase thread.
  15. I love it! I think it can be worn anytime of year! Personally though I won't use it a ton because of the potential for the chipping of the groom/stripe (just like the cerises, cherry blossom, etc.).....I think they are great accessories though!