Groom Line Question!

  1. I've been interested in purchasing a Groom cles but have heard (on a different forum) that some people have experienced the little guy peeling off. I was wondering if any of you have experienced this on any of your purchases from the Groom line? Or maybe this was just an isolated incident?
  2. my cles and zippy organizer are just fine. i've had them since oct, use them every day and am NOT gentle with them. no peeling or anything.

    the organizer was not perfect perfect when i bought it- there are a few little "sprinkles" that look like pepper in the white stripe in the front but when i went to exchange the other they had looked the same so i kept mine. honestly its not noticable and it hasn't gotten any worse.
  3. No chipping so far on my daily used groom agenda :smile:
  4. It will in time/with use. Its a screen print ( sorry not sure of the correct name) just like the mc bags, they will peel over time/ with use.
  5. My orange, round groom is doing fine. I used it as a bag charm for about a month, and now it is resting for awhile.