Groom Line Q

  1. I am pretty sure I have DH convinced that I must have some Groom items. I've been doing a little reading and read that the artwork peels off.

    Has anyone experienced this with theirs? Please help!

  2. i have the agenda the ziped wallet and the cles and none off them have peeled of yet i think its the same as the cerices, murakami and graffity with time it will show some deterioration like all LV...
  3. Phew...that's great news!!! Thank you...I guess I stumbled upon more fakes! grrr

    Thank you for the fast response!! Off to LV we go today!!! *Happy Dance*
  4. Hi Stefanie,

    I own several items and have not had a problem yet. This is a common problem with all limited edition items that are silk screened on (i.e. cerises, cherry blossom, panda, graffiti, multicolore). If you are careful and don't greatly abuse your items it should not happen....avoid rubbing it against anything rough, etc.
  5. I've been using my groom wallet every day for a few months with no problems
  6. No problems with my pochette wallet either:yes: