Groom line cles (porte monnaie ronde?)

  1. Yes, that's a Porte Monnaie Rond... :biggrin: I want a blue one!!!

    Doesn't the heat stamped "P" stand for press?
  2. Edit: Yeah it does. I just read the description... :P

    Not trying to hijack your thread, karman... but: Karen said that the Pastilles Keychain will be out soon!!!!
  3. I think so...I read about it somewhere in the auction...

    It says here..."It has a 'P' stamped inside which means that this coins purse has been sent from the Louis Vuitton Press Release Office to VIP's and Journalist as a gift preview. "
  4. hahaha jeeze, we posted that at the same time!

    Soon? Has it been bumped up from mid-September?
  5. I told her about wanting a keychain of some sort... either the brown Pastilles Keychain or a Panda Cles... here's what she said:

    "The Pastilles keychain is suppose to be out very soon! For the Panda call 866!"
  6. I heard from my SA that the groom line will be launch in october and that It will be limited.
  7. "In the Press Kit of the "Pastilles Keychain and Extender/Charms bag" it says that the Launch date was suppose to be at the end of july. It was suppose to be launched with the Prefall collection as it take part of the Prefall. It has been pushed back to the end of August. Everything can change! The keychain will be $290 / pochette extender/charms bag between $350 and $375

    For the Miroir Keychain Inventeur the price will be $210 / $250 CAD available in Silver / Gold, That's the only Miroir keychain ."- Karen
  8. eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Metal Plaque Key Rin

    Is it this keychain or is there a shinier one coming out with the miroir line?
  9. Ummm... I think she's talking about the one posted below... It seems like it would make too much of a clickity-clackity sound... but it's cute nonetheles... ;)
  10. I don't know :sad: maybe
  11. It's so cuteee! :heart:

    It would get scratched up so easily though, so I'd be afraid to use it if I got one. :sad:
  12. WOW I love it! It would be so hot attached to a pair of jeans! :nuts:

    It can also become a self defense accessories, it looks very sharp and heavy!:lol:
  13. I love this picture of the Groom I really can't wait :nuts: but I will :roflmfao:

  14. I love em all!!