groom collection

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  1. hi guys, i'm a bit confused at the moment about this groom collection... :confused1:

    i dont think it will be a "quickly get it while you can" items... becuase i noticed that some LVs still have the cherries, which has been around for 1 year now? so i dont know if this one would be any diffferent? i really want one but i dont know if i should go for this one first then save some more for another bag, or get this one while i can.. however, the perfo collection seem to run out everywhere and it is also a limited edition collection.. what do you guys think?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I think this will be hugely popular, it's everywhere. I even saw it in vogue, and one other magazine.
  3. I heard it will be not seasonal but LIMITED which is completely different.
    Seasonal is like the prefo line - cerises line
    Limited is like the Cherry Blossom Line - Graffiti - Eye Love Murakami collection
  4. The more I read about the groom collection, the more I may want an item from it.

  5. funny thing is cherry blossom is JUST leving retail now, whereas perfo has been pretty much impossible tog et in the colour and iem u want. And both were seasonal, it doesnt depend in whether it's seasonal or limited, it just depends on the fact that some things are more popular than others.
  6. Our LV had the cerises line for the longest and I can still find the perfo items as well ... so who's to say how quickly its going to be snapped up. May just depend where you live also.
  7. so maybe i should get an item in case i regreted it... its a pity they dont have a bag for this groom line.. like a pochette or something..
  8. I know! I would just die over a messenger bag in the Groom line.:shame:
  9. Most Cerises items sold out fast, only a few pieces like the Sak Plat & the Pochette were left in the stores. The Speedy, cles & the wallets sold out really fast & these are only the small pieces.
  10. You can still find the perfo everywhere by calling the 866 vuitton line if you are in the US. Also the cherry blossom came out in may 2003 and was sold out right away worldwide.
  11. Guess what, I just put a $1300 deposit on 8 groom items namely:

    2 round coin purses
    1 zippy organizer
    1 zipped compact wallet
    2 agendas (blue & yellow)
    2 bandanas (red & yellow)

    I like this line too much to miss out, so I am playing it safe. :smile:

    Putting a deposit ensures that I will get them, according to my SA.
  12. :wtf: wow thats great :graucho: :graucho:
  13. far out!! you are keen :nuts:

    i just put my name down for a cles and an agenda (red).. although now i'm kinda changing my mind and want a bandeau and the porte-monnaie instead..:confused1: i'm sooo confused!! i wasnt even going to get any.. :rolleyes:
  14. I am not sure I am going to get anything from this range? Also my store still had cerise items (such as speedy, pochette etc) as late as Jan this year.
  15. What store??? If I could get my hands on a real Cerises Speedy:yahoo: OMGosh!!! Can you tell me where you saw it, I need to call them right now.