Groom Collection

  1. Its cute! I dont know if I would want anything from the collection but it is cute. Maybe a small piece just as a collectible.
    Nice thanks for posting.
  2. I hate it. =( But I also hated the Pandas...
  3. Oh I love it, so cute :heart:

    Is there going to be some bags in this collection ?
  4. Off topic i like your avatar with your puppy in your speedy. I put mine in my white mc speedy :smile: Now if only he'd stay there.
  5. cute, I put myself in the waiting list this morning..
    I plan to hang it on my mono bag
  6. It's so cute! I personally love it. No idea on prices though...
  7. Cute, I really like this piece!
  8. As far as I can remember

    monnie ronde: $280
    Key change holder : $230
    smal agenda: $340
    zippy wallet : around $700
    PTI : AROUND $600
  9. OOhhhh I love the colors..
  10. It looked adorable from the pictures in the look book. I don't want every single piece, but I did order a cles in blue, just so I can have a piece of this collection.
  11. Thanks.:biggrin:

    Hmm...I think I'm going to have to save up and buy a piece from this collection.
  12. hmm, I think I'd like to get a key change holder in yellow, and MAYBE a small agenda Does anyone know the definitive list of colors? I know red, orange, yellow, green, blue...
  13. I think it's cute as a coin purse or something, but, not on a purse or anything :smile:
  14. I think I'll end up getting the Cles (key/change holder) and the Porte Monnaie Round.