Groom Collection

  1. Does anyone out there have a list of what items were available in what colors from the Groom collection, Fall of 2006? Thank you!! :smile:
  2. Cles: yellow
    Ronde: orange
    Compact Wallet: blue
    Pochette Wallet: red
    Zippy Organizer: green
    Agenda PM: red, blue, yellow
    Bandeau: red, yellow
    Scarf: red, yellow
  3. love this collection......:heart::yes::tup:
  4. It's nice, until the Groom starts to get rubbed off.

  5. Couldn't agree more.
  6. I thought they were coming out with more in December, but I only saw them on other countries' websites???
  7. Oh i love this collection.
  8. It was based on some of their advertisements from the early 1900's
  9. I love my groom, one of my favourite LV pieces :smile:
  10. I've used my cles and agenda heavily since last year and have had no problem with the groom silkscreen getting rubbed off :yes:
  11. I also love this colletion! I have the agenda and use it frequently and have not yet had any problems with the groom rubbing off. But I have heard of this being a problem for others. This also is a complaint of many people and the Murakami lines. Both of my Murakami bags are in perfect condition with no signs of rubbing, but I have seen examples of this on items on eBay.
  12. I have several pieces of this collection and I am just looking to complete it. I have not had a single problem with anything rubbing off - I think that this collection was well designed.
  13. i have the groom pochette wallet and I've only noticed rubbing off is on the edge of the wallet flap where it opens up..other than that it is holding up pretty well.
  14. And the red and blue vachetta keycahins. :p