Groom collection...

  1. now that the groom collection is almost all gone does it not make you want more? I feel like my groom piece is so special because it is not is my only limited piece...I like it when they limit feels less mass produced....the little groom rocks:tup:
  2. I always liked the Groom, it's such a cute design and I love the stripe. :heart:
  3. lvpug = which groom do you have. Now that they are almost fone, I want one, but only a few choices are left.

    I wish they had made the groom in more than the accessories, I enjoy larger items.
  4. Rebecca I love all of your groom pieces...they are like collectors items...once they are all sold that is it and they are a part of LV history which is tres cool...
  5. I have the pouchette wallet the one with the red interior and it...I think they are all gone now so it feels so special...thinking of getting an agenda...heard there are very few left which makes me want it all the
  6. i wish they do groom in luggage pieces ~!
  7. I love the groom pieces - have the yellow groom agenda and I use it as my wallet as well - it makes me happy to pull it out of my bag, I just get a kick out of the little guy!!
  8. I don't have any pieces, but they sure are cute!
  9. I definately feel you on wanting it more because it's limited. That's how I feel about my panda bag. I checked out my stores Groom collection a couple times, but none of the pieces "spoke" to me, so I passed on this one. But like others have said, they are sooo adorable!
  10. I love the Groom collection!!!

    I recently purchase the groom change holder. It's so cute. I love it!

    Not sure if it's that rare because the LV in Forum Shops in Las Vegas still have 11 groom change holder left.
  11. I have the ronde...and love it! Oh..and a bandeau too! It was such a cute line!
  12. Yep, still liking the groom. I have a red agenda, the ronde coin purse and the red bandeau.:p
  13. I love the groom collection I used my blue groom agenda today:love: it still smells new and I take verry good care of it so far I haven't had any chipping on it like some other people probably because they don't take care of their things...

  14. I have the yellow cles coming this week, and love the red agenda and green zippy organisers too.
  15. That seemed such a natural for the groom pieces. What a perfect fit. I wonder why they didn't:confused1:.